What Is Your Favorite Song(s)?

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What Song Out Of These 2 Is Better?

Hide Away 5 vote(s) 45.5%
Ride 6 vote(s) 54.5%
  1. I just like discussion and sharing of opinions, even if it's of not much use. ;) As you can see, though, I am content with WitherDoggie's last reply, as I liked it and didn't comment anymore. :)
    I don't think so, actually. I haven't seen it, and I've read almost all threads in the Empire Creativity corner, besides the older Share Your Let's Plays section.
  2. I have way too many to list, but if you keep watching emc.gs/t/76456/, you'll get some ideas over time.
  3. Godsmack - Bulletproof
    Parkway Drive - The Void
    Machinehead - Catharsis

    My phone loves them too, keeps playing them on 'random'. Phonebro's got my back.
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  5. It was fun to go through all the songs on this thread, thanks for sharing everyone!

    My all time favorite for years has been: "The rain must fall" by Yanni

    There are many more, but lately-also this one that I am listening to a lot:

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  6. Here is mine:
    Smile In Your Sleep - Silverstein
    Over and Over and Over - Jack White
    You Only Live Once - Suicide Silence
    Torn In Two - Breaking Benjamin
    Black Honey - Thrice
    Westside - This Wild Life
    Karate - Babymetal
    Terrible Things - Mayday Parade
    Hard Times - Paramore
    Son of Robot - Dance Gavin Dance

    Just a few I jam to anytime I get the chance
  7. Y'all don't have a culture

    With Jokes aside, here's a couple of my good picks

  8. Rasputin eh? ;) Allow me to also share the original, it's also one of my favorites:

    Boney-M :)

    ra, ra, Rasputin... lover of the Russian Queen. They put some poison into his wine.
    ra, ra, Rasputin... Russia's greatest love machine. He drank it all and said "I'll be fine".

    ra, ra, Rasputin... lover of the Russian Queen. They didn't quit: they wanted him! :mad:
    ra, ra, Rasputin... Russia's greatest love machine. And so they shot him 'till he was dead... :eek:

    Oh, those Russians ;)
  9. Full disclosure, I play a lot of rhythm games so I quite honestly like anything that has a steady pattern and has a relatively high bpm. I also switch quite frequently so this is just some music I stumbled upon and happened to like.

    a_hisa - Anhedonia
    Artcore is something I listen to a bit...

    MuryokuP - Frozen World
    More Artcore...

    Cameilla - Enantiomorphs
    This is technically electro as far as I know...
    It's also a really fun/hard to play... (game is osu!)
    Anyone else out there play?

    ZYTOKINE ft. Cold Kiss - Dancing Dollz (REDALiCE Remix)
    Dunno what to say about this/classify it as...

    I also don't mind classic rock but I won't go out of my way to listen to it...

    Edit 1:

    Most of these you can skip through a bit if you are just looking through this thread for something new, and if you don't enjoy it don't bother, the genre(s) are pretty niche.

    Edit 2:

    Almost forgot the less niche artcore...
    xi - Happy End of the World
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YExuLkIaQ7U
    The warm and kicking intro and the vocalists unique voice and manly shrieks make this song perfect!
    My favourite line is probably, "She said LOVE? Lord above, Now he's tryna trick me in LOVE!" The way he says love is my favourite part, so you'll only hear it if you listen to it :p

    This is a great song too, the vocalist makes it very special, although the sudden blast of music at the start after the wind blowing sound affects is just... eh... Other than that, good song

    Definietely a brutally awesome song! Cool meaning behind it, packed in with a very down to earth beginning riff, greeted with an absolutely heavy kick a** palm muted riff. One of the best headbangers out there, Metallica is very talented.

    My favourite song from one of my favourite bands, this song is very LOUD and very fun to sing along to. Gene Simmons vocals and the throbbing drum beat make it pure ROCK. I LOVE IT LOUD!

    Very touching Prince song, once of his most yet. I love the guitar work to DEATH, the whole song is so angelical and has so much emotion wrapped up into one. RIP Prince, love you.

    This is not even 1% of my favourite songs though, just my favourite songs at the moment.... I have way more ;)
  11. I love that song man, It's art :)
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  12. My favourite songs of 2018 so far are as follows:

    Blue Madonna by Borns and Lana Del Rey, released in Borns's album 'Blue Madonna' on January 12th.

    Flickin' Your Hair by The Hunna, released on January 18th. The lyrical content isn't very captivating, but I don't care. The instrumentals are great.

    The Good Side by Troye Sivan, also released on January 18th. Has a perfect blend of acoustic guitar and computer-produced noises, accompanied by some pretty soothing voice work.

    Be My Anime by Rat Boy, released on January 26th as part of his Civil Disorder EP. I like the added aggressive flair to the indie music overlayed with the rap, which adds something to the song for me that he lacked in his 2016 album, 'Scum'.

    Make Me Feel by Janelle MonĂ¡e, released on February 22nd. Woman's got a nice voice, I like the techno funk thingy, and the guitar riff was made by Prince before he died, and even sounds similar to Prince's 'Kiss'. The entire album that the song is a part of, 'Dirty Computer', is even didactic. What more could I want?

    Psycho by Post Malone and Ty Dolla $ign, released on February 23rd. Pretty chill. I like it.

    Youngblood by Five Seconds of Summer, released on April 12th. I just like it. It's a bop.

    OTW by Khalid, 6LACK, and Ty Dolla $ign, released on April 20th. RnB has been missing from the radio and from popular artist's albums for way too long and I'm glad this song was the first from that genre I've heard in a while. I even turned eighteen while listening to it. Nice.

    Stay by Post Malone, released as part of his album 'Beerbongs and Bentleys' on April 27th. Could have cried to it. Nice. And I'll also group Blame It On Me here so I don't take up more space.

    Four Out Of Five by Arctic Monkeys, from their latest and controversial album, 'Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino', released on May 11th, 2018. While the album is a concept album and all eleven songs are meant to be listened to together, this one still works well as a standalone. I also like One Point Perspective and Golden Trunks. The album is lounge pop, which is a stark contrast from their previous albums that belong in the britrock and alternative/psychedelic rock genres, so it's probably not for everyone. Recommended heavily if you like 70s music and long listens.

    Fade Out by James Bay, released as part of his album 'Electric Light' on May 18th. I also recommend Wasted on Eachother and Wild Love.

    Now I just need The 1975 to release their upcoming album and EP and this list is likely complete with a bunch of cool songs from them. Hopefully they get some saxophone in there like they have with their previous two albums because I'm missing the sweet, sweet sound of a dying beautiful sexy whale.
  13. I got plenty of songs I love. My favorite for 2018 however is Mayday so far.

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  14. My favourite song is Shine by Pentagon.
    I like a lot of other songs and stuff, but too lazy to update ;P