What is your favorite emc server?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by NathanRP, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. Tell me what is your favorite server in minecraft of all time if it sound good i might try it out and i would like to see you there
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  2. EMC. No doubt. You should try it, I think you'll like it.

    Also, advertising I.P.s is against the rules on EMC. Even saying the I.P. for a different server is against the rules.
  3. I have played EMC yeah it is really fun
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  4. EMC is my absolute favorite, obviously. Be careful though, because mentioning other servers is not appreciated, so when you tell something about your favorite server do not state the IP.
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  5. I only know about EMC so I'm not going to mention any other server
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  6. ^^^
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  7. ^^^
  8. ^^^ What they all said
  9. Plz tell me you favorite EMC server
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  10. um
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  11. I like to play on smp7. During the time I play, it is very quiet most of the time though, unfortunately.
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  12. My favorite server is: You thought I would say something other than EMC, I do not want to get in trouble Silly.. o3o
  13. I found this awesome server called MelonCraft. It is even more awesome than EMC! Click here to join!
  14. Of course I didn't, nick. I know you.
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  15. The MelonCraft site must be down :( /sarcasm
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  16. It was obvious you made up MelonCraft. Because of your unhealthy obsession with melons.
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  17. What is the IP to Empire Minecraft? Sounds like a terrible server, I guess I will have to try it out first.
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  18. My favorite server is smp7.empire.us :D.
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  19. My favorite server is emc.gs
  20. EMC is really the only server I play on.
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