What is the worst movie you've ever seen?

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  1. There are a lot of awful and I mean awful films on this world, some can even be called a monstrosity. So I ask you what is the worst movie you've ever seen? It can be from any year and can be any movie, as long as you thought it was terrible.
  2. I hate tons of movies and think they terrible but I like watching cheesy movies to laugh at how bad they are and all :p
    1. Sharknado
    2. The Last Airbender ( ATLA episodes are WAAAYYYYY better <3 )
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  3. Second or first just out of interest?
  4. First thing that popped in my head :p
  5. Worst movies? Oh that's easy, all of the worst movies, they are too long to list here :)
  6. Oh, so many to choose from...
    Most recently? Batman v Superman. No action movie, let alone one starring Batman AND Superman should be so soul-crushingly boring. It was like watching paint dry. Beige paint.
    (Disclaimer: Yes, I know they were going for slow-burn dramatic build-up and character development. It didn't work. None of it worked.)

    Worst movie ever, though? Not sure. I've seen a lot of films. I don't think "cheesy B-movie" titles should count though, since those are intended to be over-the-top ridiculous "so bad it's good" flicks. Basically, anything that looks like it was made for MST3K treatment.

    Though on that note... maybe "Manos, The Hands of Fate." That actually did end up as a Mystery Science Theater feature, and it was so horrible even they couldn't make it funny. That's like... Atari E.T. "bury it in the desert and pray no one ever finds this crap" levels of toxic right there.
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  7. The Room by far is the worst movie in existence.
  8. Definitely The Room.

    I did not hit her! oh hi mark
  9. After. A terrible "horror" movie available to watch on Netflix. Watched it as a comedy movie at a party I went to last year.
  10. Worst movie I've ever seen is called Irreversible and I almost don't even want to mention it because I don't want even the most curious person to seek it out. It was an "art film" that I saw in the theater when it came out. They warned me it was graphic before I went in but I thought I could handle it but I actually ended up walking out. It was just gruesome, major triggers and it just wasn't necessary really. The filmmaker did not need to make this film, we hear about enough of this stuff in real life without seeing it fictionalized in a movie.

    So yeah, definitely worst film ever.

    Around this same time, I think a few years earlier a movie came out called Memento that used a similar filming style.. the whole "going backwards" thing that was a much more worthwhile experience if you just want to see a decent filmmaker without the nonsense in the plot.
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  11. Now see what you did :p i'm going to have to check this out now.
  12. you can read about it on imdb but don't seek the movie out, trust me it's not worth it
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  13. Pixels. Was. Terrible. Period!
  14. Probably still going to, I make it a point to watch the worst movies I can find. I've seen some twisted ones in my day :p thanks for the warning though.
  15. Frozen was the worst out of all you.
  16. You just reminded of A Serbian Film.


    That is actually my worst film ever. The Room is so bad, it's kinda good. ASF is just... eugh. I can't describe it. Needlessly messed up. It was so screwed up it got banned in Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Norway - and the country it was produced in (Serbia, if you couldn't tell) launched a criminal investigation against it due to potential exploitation of minors.

    Funnily enough it was actually about a dude participating in an art film, which is what you saw lol

    While we're on the topic of movies set in the Balkans, another bad movie is also The Land of Blood and Honey by Angelina Jolie. It's a horrendously bad depiction of the Yugoslav Wars/the Bosnian War and the romance story is just... I don't know if I can say the term here due to family friendly reasons, but just look through the Wikipedia page and you'll quickly find what I mean lol. It also got used as an example of why American-led foreign intervention in wars is a good thing, which really doesn't sit right with me at all.
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  17. I should mention that no bee movies should be on here. Mostly cause I actually love watching them and they're meant to be bad.
  18. Unfriended
    Human Centipede
    The Conjuring