What is the closest game to Minecraft?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by coolprex, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. I have really been wandering what game is the closest to Minecraft. Is it Tetra? Is it Roblox? What is it? A couple of people claim that Minecraft is a copy of whatever game that they play. Or they claim that some game is a copy of Minecraft. I need an answer! Please tell me!
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  2. Isn't Tekkit Minecraft with a lot of mods, I think it isn'T a new game
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  3. Tekkit if just Minecraft with a bunch of mods. I meant something other than modded Minecraft.
  4. Tekkit is a copy of Minecraft it is full of mods and it would be minecraft if it was the same!!!
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  6. so you bought Tekkit and not Minecraft? Do you have a own Tekkit username? No,you use your Minecraftaccount, so it's minecraft
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  7. Tekkit is minecraft with mods!!!!!!!
  8. i really hate, while looking over apps on my phone, there are "blockcraft" or something close to it... like really? why rip off minecraft? why? why you gotta be so stupid? just angers me they take the SAME look, same feel, same tools, same rules, and same everything.. slap on a different name and NOT get in trouble.. hopefully i'm not the only one that thinks that is irritating.
  9. I know right? there are a lot of minecraft rip offs on the app store
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  10. But which one is the closest?
  11. i'm sorry to inform you, but you're being very rude. because Tekkit. is indeed, just minecraft with mods strapped on it. at the moment Tekkit runs off 1.3? i think, maybe, i'm not sure, i haven't played in a while. if you look up what mods are on Tekkit, and then go look them up, you can install them on your minecraft game.

    i would also think you should know what you're talking about, before you beat someone down when your information is false.
  12. you are my friend but you no like tekkit you suck
  13. What game do you play on these servers?
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  14. Tekkit is basically like getting Minecraft, and cramming on a crapton of mods yourself. The only difference is that Tekkit has a special program (the tekkit launcher) which copies and pastes the mod files into your Minecraft.jar for you.

    However, it's based off Minecraft.jar (in fact, when you first open Tekkit, it downloads the official Minecraft.jar, then installs the mods), so Tekkit is Minecraft, just a modded version. :)
  15. The closest game to minecraft that isn't tekkit (because Tekkit is minecraft) is Roblox
  16. Ok. Let me (hopefully) end this argument about Tekkit. With proof.

    Tekkit is a mod pack. Poof!

    Also, I will warn you on reporting messages. You cannot falsely report a message, which you did. Lukas did nothing wrong, and if you continue to annoy staff with false reports, you will be punished respective of your behavior. False /report's end in a ban, and on the site it is just as annoying to the mods in square as in-game.
  17. The only time you should report a post if it isn't offensive, is when you are ending an auction that you created when it's over
  18. I believe in the terms of use Notch wrote that you're free to make rip offs of minecraft.
    It's not a copy or a different game, It's just a modpack. I can install the modpack and still launch it through my vanilla minecraft launcher.
  19. Ace of Spades is close.
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  20. Total Miner, or Castlebuilder. I'd say Fortresscraft too but I refuse to bash that.
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