What is SMP8 doing during the reset? Protesting it.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Erektus, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. Just a few screenshots of what SMP8 is up to at the moment in /waste n.

  2. I love this to an infinite level.
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  3. <sighs> :rolleyes:


    All those signs are probably going to make the reset extra crispy you know ;)
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  4. Typical smp8:rolleyes:
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  5. Im with you guys, but lets face it: smp8 needs a mesa, and if we dont get a mesa this time, then well... It was better thhe old one
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  6. --beats head on wall--
    I said it in chat and I will say it again - someone plan an event ahead of time on an smp other than 8 to lure all the smp8ians out of their waste...

    "Free giveaway of dragon egg! Show up at smpx coords xyz in wild!"

    Psych. We just wanted you out of your waste >:D
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  7. There was no planning at all in this :p we just went to a random waste and started putting down signs, and eventually more and more people came.
  8. u should make a real statement; no one goes mine in waste for this period. that'll show EMC!

    just dont mind me mine then btw, im just visiting ^.^
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  9. "Unless ice spikes and mesa pls" classic
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  10. Is the waste, Thats why youre not suppose to build in it yall
  11. SMP8 needs to be turned off every once in while I think.
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  12. Oh SMP8... :rolleyes: <3
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  13. so thats what all those resets were for, huh? ^.^
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  14. Wow. The next thing, you'll know, the waste will reset and their inventories will be gone and the riots will end. :p
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  15. I just dont understand why people build in the waste knowing it gonna reset eventually.
  16. they didnt build in the waste, it was a naturalistic protest...
  17. I dont get that either man
  18. #wastesignsmatter
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