What is a DC?

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  1. When looking at auctions and prices, what unit of measure is a DC? Thanks!!!
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  2. double chest

    edit: sc is single chest :p
  3. DC = Double Chest = 54 stacks = 3456 items.
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  4. You can usually just ask these questions in town chat :p
  5. DC is short for a Double Chest quantity of items. The quantity varies on the item how much you can put into a stack. It's when you have a double chest quantity full of that 1 item, that's what the auctions sell.
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  6. Yeah, but I'm in the forums
  7. Except in the occasions of buckets (lava, water), snow balls, other non-stackable items, etc.
    Promos must be auctioned off in quantities of 1 (minimum), horse armors in quantities of 10 (minimum I believe) Horses in 10 (min. also with color, and each stat listed). For more of these specifics go to the auctions page, and then the "READ BEFORE POSTING" thread.
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  8. The answer(s) have already been given and so I'd like to take the other approach. I'd like to compliment you good sir for actually spending the time to do some research on auctions before (hopefully!) diving into them. You're sure not too afraid to ask questions either and I think that really suits you.

    I'm a big fan of the auction section but the thing is that it has its own specific set of rules which sometimes can cause a bit of confusion. So yeah, I like it to see someone actually do research up front for a change!
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  9. So while I'm at it, how come spawn eggs are priced at below 100r when it costs me 100r to make every egg?
  10. To help newer people, or poorer people out.
  11. One you get back to town, you can easily breed them :)
  12. Yeah, I can breed them, but to make them saleable and transportable they need to be egged at a cost of 100r each correct?
  13. Well, 50r if you use a Magical Eggcellent Wand.

    Edit: Well yeah, this too:

  14. Eggification is free in Town.
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  15. Ah, there it is :)
  16. DC = Detective Comics

    So, that means DC Comics = Detective Comics Comics
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  17. Yes, eggification in town is indeed free!
    However, there are a few mobs that are "unique" (hence why costs differ on those mobs).
    Squid, you can spawn them in town, but they do not 'breed' in town. Only place to get them is to egg them outside of town and bring them back (or find them in shops)!
    Bats, I do not believe these can be eggified outside of town (I have tried for hours trapping them in caves and running at them with sticks...(don't ask)), however they are available for purchase at the shop.

    Trust me, I prefer a question is asked for anything you are unclear about, rather than have to have things shut down ;). No shame in asking. I ask all the time for things I do not know! If you ever have a question that you do not wish to pose in the forums, remember you can always start a convo with me or any other staff :D.

    Easiest to remember that a DC is a double chest that is fulled to the brim.
    Whatever the max number of 'stacked' items is. Whether 1, 16, or 64...always depends on the items.
    The "lance method", is pack it till you cannot fit anymore in, and that is my DoubleChest.
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  18. DC = District of Columbia
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  19. DC= Deliberate Cancer
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