What have you done for EMC lately? (it's a play on words-Janet Jackson style)

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  1. Ok so with all the hoopla lately I have been doing some thinking. I thought to myself..."Self, what can you do to improve game play on SMP6 and restore it to it's former glory?" Then self and I had an idea.
    Farms. The pub hub has sat idle for some time, operating on it's own in relative quiet. It needs to be awakened with new life! I have already started construction on a new Ink farm. It will be located on the second floor of the /Wild E Pub Hub (Go to SMP6, then /Wild E, then thru the Nether Portal @ spawn, once thru the portal, follow the stairs down to the great hall. This farm may break with the 1.13 update, but who cares. I'll make a new one when that time comes. I would love to take any feedback or suggestions on the hub and improvements. Please PM me with them. Let's not let this thread get all cray cray.

    Other News:

    I failed everyone last year when I didn't hold up my end of the bargain with the Advent drop. That's on me. Life got in my way last holiday season and since has been definitively easier as a whole allowing for me to succumb to the digger inside me and rejoin the ranks at EMC. If I owe anyone anything from donations for that (drop party)...this is the time to come looking...otherwise I'm gonna bank roll them into my next crazy, harebrained, scheme for the holidays. Here goes...I would like to keep the Advent res as is and use it for some things, but my new idea is much, much bigger. I'm thinking that I would like to take a utopia res to bedrock, At the top of the res (normal ground level) I want to make either a haunted Gingerbread house or a Gingerbread fun house type build that involves games of some sort, then once you complete the house you make it to the ice boat race which now would go from normal ground level-where the house would be, in a winding, twisty downhill course to the bottom of the res.

    This is where your comments come in. Do I move forward? Do you wanna help? Let the fun begin!!!
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  2. I am all for hair-brained schemes!
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  3. Any resorses needed pm me
  4. Already dug it out, next steps are in place tonight! This baby has to open up soon so I can start my #GingerVelma project...Woot Woot!!!
  5. Velma if you need help with the utopia stuff let me know and I can look at plans and such for it! And collaborate. It’s a great idea!!!
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  6. I don't actually have any plans yet, just spitballing. I definitely wanna do something tho. It seems necessary
  7. Although just being online (Not AFK) helps (it's nice to see some activity), it's great to hit some of us up, if you're not working on a mere personal project. Just ask around if someone feels like chilling with ya for a few. Often I don't get any bites, but I'm usually in the mood. If the opportunity presents itself at the right moment, I wouldn't mind some company or a change in scenery to come to help you. ;)

    The pub hub is a must-have for those of us who venture out to get our own resources versus buying off the open
    market. We save on materials and your work doesn't go to waste, because we love to use it often. If new builds are coming, what can we do to contribute? How about the utopia build? Anything I can offer?

    And if I'm being honest, it would be nice to see Smp6 full and lively again, bustling with workers, trade, and friends.
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  8. Host events, build arenas for said events, and make forum entertainment, which is what I call my comics thread that I have going on
  9. Gaming_Comander has done a lot, whereas I have not, haha~

    I did help with supplying some food and supplies, back when events were more common. More specifically, The Big Dig, Miner Mania, Midnight Miners, etc. Not only that, but before I left SMP6, I let the public use my super smelter whenever they needed it~ ^^
  10. Update: The Ink farm that I just started a couple of days ago, is coming along. I was able to dig out the shell of the structure, but upon further inspection, it seems that in all my wisdom, I choose a spot that was directly backed up to a huge mineshaft. Note to self: Self, stop doing things like this.

    So a minor setback in production, but all good. Gonna work a full weekend on it once I get a home from the place that pays me. If anyone is on and feels like stripping a mineshaft or filling water holes for the next 120 blocks, Holla at ya gurl!
    Thank you all, you awesome ppl!
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  11. I don't think I do much for the Minecraft server in particular... but I try to contribute to other people's threads and make my own ones now and then. :D And this month, I am a supporter... I guess that's also a contribution! (in any case the only reason for doing it would be making a contribution, as I don't gain much from it :p)
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  12. The Parkour course sounds awesome. I cannot wait to try it out and fail miserably at it haha~

    (Parkour is definitely not for me, not at all.)
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  13. Amen, I am the worst at parkour. The funny part, I was about to say "in game" after that and stopped and thought to myself..."Self, you don't do real parkour either"
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