[PARKOUR] My Giant Parkour...Opening in the Future!

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  1. Hello EMC friends!
    I am building a large parkour residence! You can get to it by going to utopia and typing /v +hardcoreparkour

    You can also preview the rewards chest at spawn point! (rewards below)

    This arena is still in the building phase! I expect its completion by March or sooner. Stay tuned for lots more info and some pictures! There will be checkpoints in arena! The levels are divided into rounds. The rounds have different names! If you fail during a round, u will be able to go back to beginning of round. Here are current rounds and their names (There will be 12 rounds you'll have to complete):

    Round 1: Purpur World - Approved by JohnKid
    Round 2: Wood World - Approved by JohnKid
    Round 3: The Dark Age - Approved by Carolmoss
    Round 4: Turtle Torture - Approved by Carolmoss
    Round 5: Lime Land - Approved by Carolmoss
    Round 6: The Valley of Doom - Approved by Carolmoss
    Round 7: Trees of Death - Approved by Carolmoss
    Round 8: A little cramped... - Approved by Carolmoss
    Round 9: The Calm Before the Storm - Approved by Carolmoss
    Round 10: The Storm - Approved by Carolmoss
    Round 11: The Rise... - Approved by Carolmoss
    Round 12: The Fall... - Approved by Carolmoss

    Have promos to give? Please mail them to me with a title of "Hardcore Parkour Promos" and I'll be sure to give them away to winners of my parkour in the future. Thanks for your giving!!!


    1st Place Winner Rewards:
    200,000 Rupees
    Gold Support Voucher
    Minecon Earth Hat
    2016 B-day Cake
    2017 B-day Cake
    2018 B-day Cake
    Haunted Head

    Runner-Up Rewards:
    Iron Voucher
    A Curse of Binding Book
    The Reaper
    Pot of Gold
    2018 Valentine Puppy Love Promo (donated by luckycmusic45a)

    After seeing how much more space I can fit the parkour, this is defenitely going to be a big one!! Estimated 2000 blocks you'll have to jump on!

    Now The Official: Biggest Parkour on EMC!
  2. Very cool, I will be sure to check it out.
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  3. Finished the current parts - looking forward to it in the future!
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  4. Also need mass amounts of promos donated for rewards!
    If you would like to give some promos please mail them with a title of "Hardcore Parkour Promos" or something like that. I will be sure to give them away at future events!

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  5. if we need to supply all the rewards, why shouldn't we hold the event :/
    also you are only asking for promos, but promos aren't the only rewards which can be given.

    now don't understand me wrong, i like events and i do get that donations are usefull
    but you make it sound like you have no rewards at all
    and as host, you should at least have a decent amount of rewards from your own

    you don't want to be the one getting the credit while everyone else payed for it

    this is just the feeling you are giving me with your thread
    and i want to clarify that it's a feeling, i do not know if i'm correct
    and certainly don't mean any disrespect :)
  6. Yes, I have already been collecting promos for this event myself. :) I have just seen people ask for promos for like drop parties and stuff, so didnt see how this was any different.
    Thanks for pointing it out though ;)
    And yes, I will have much more rewards than just promos. Planning on giving away 100,000 - 300,000 rupees, an iron support voucher (possibly another kind of support voucher), and promos of my own :) :D (more info on what they are later) :)
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  7. Estimated 2000 blocks that you'll have to leap on and jump across!
    Played tonight and added some unique obstacles including pistons and pressure plates, cobwebs, ladders, stairs, etc.!
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  8. I would love to help you build and run the event
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  9. Awesome!!
  10. Sorry I didint mean to vote no, sorry, I am exited!
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  11. There will be checkpoints now in parkour! Didnt want people rage quitting since it is so long ;)
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  12. not very long atm but a good start :D

    managed about 1 min 26 seconds
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  13. Something else to torture myself with! Thanks!
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  14. Wow! Sweet! Yeah, it defenitly isnt finished yet ;)
    I think I am about 1/4th or 1/3rd of the way done ;)
    Levels will get much, much harder!!!
  15. Haha, yep!
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  16. For the winners of the grand opening of parkour, should I have one winner takes all rewards, or not?
    I could have 1st place and a runner-up.
    Or a third place as well.

  17. Pictures are in!

  18. Theres some pictures!

    The parkour has checkpoints too!
    Halfway finished!
    Want to check it out? Go to /v +hardcoreparkour on utopia
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