What has been your biggest payment on EMC?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by CoryLovesYou, May 5, 2016.

  1. Captain Obvious be like.
  2. I paid 350k for my dragon egg.
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  3. I made a goal to reach 1million rupees, and once I reached it I made a promise to not go below 1mil. 3 hours later I did /r and I had 13k. So um.. yeah..
  4. We've all been there
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  5. Uh ... can you not :p
  6. Ah, of course, EMC shopkeeper! It's such a great program! It almost makes me want to restock my shop :p Anyway, my biggest payment was indeed the 50k to Adventure World, and then another 50k to The Inkstain.
  7. I never actually said that I don't :cool:
  8. This didn't work out exactly as I wanted it to :p
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  9. Maybe I should save up more...

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  10. 200k for a gold supporter, second probable 150k for a netherhound egg.
  11. I apologize, I was mistaken. It was actually 240k. :p:p:p:p

    The date is there if you want to convince Alex to confirm it.:D

    Edit: It should be known that this was a good amount of money at the time.
  12. Wait that's photo-shopped right.....? :eek:
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  13. WEAK!!

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  14. I made 2 purchases around the same time the biggest of those payments was 1.7mill, and then 1.5mill.

    My biggest giveaway was over 3mill split between the old smp4 project which never happened (Disappointingly) and a player friend.
  15. I think my biggest would be 800k for 1 of the items in my museum.
    I forgot I payed 2 Mil for a donkey Incitutus.
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  16. Nope!
  17. I have paid 150k for an iron supporter voucher once XD
  18. Doesn't count
  19. Not PhotoShop... but it's not real :p
  20. Not all at once, but within the time frame of 10 minutes I spent about 690k on a bunch of different promos