What has been your biggest payment on EMC?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by CoryLovesYou, May 5, 2016.

  1. Oooooh wow.
  2. 550k. Had to go through 1010 rupee pages. :p
  3. Hmm I think mine was 60k xD for marlix bow
  4. I've probably paid HxCami10 around 2 million :p the largest separate payment to him was 1.3 million though ;)
  5. I'll let EMC Shopkeeper speak for itself... :p
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  6. 4 Million was my biggest ;)
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  7. what are you all buying with this many rupees? sheesh.
  8. And this was back when rupees were actually worth a significant amount, lol. Good times back then..

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  9. Promos... things we're too lazy to do/build ;) The usual
  10. My biggest payment was about 400k for a dia voucher
  11. Crack promos
  12. YOU CAN SELL THAT FOR 500 mil
  13. Yes, because someone has 500 mil in rupees :rolleyes: :p
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  14. My biggest payment is 710K
    Pretty recent.
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  15. 1.5mil for a dragon egg.
  16. What was that for?

  17. My biggest payment to someone else was 1 mil
  18. You don't?

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  19. Inspect be like