What do you want to be remembered for?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Caeyde, May 2, 2014.

  1. It's just bothering me, that when I leave (we all will eventually, c'mon) will I be remembered? And what will I be remembered for? What I do I want to be remembered for?

    I'd like to be remembered for my artwork, and being the member who stood and shared their opinion. I want to be remembered for "What if the EMC Staff...". I want to be remembered for being a part of this community
    I don't really want to be remembered for the arguments I've started, challenging the authorities. I don't want to be remembered for my attention seeking habits or my bad decisions I've made. I don't want to be remembered for falling and failing to get up again

    What do you want to be remembered for? ....What do you not want to be remembered for?
    ( I'm not leaving btw -_- )
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  2. Not sure if you meant leaving EMC or leaving the living >.>
    I think I'll be happy if people remember me (and preferably positively :3) at all. Like hey it's that crazy girl that used to play with us and make art. I don't think I've done anything that I don't want people to remember.

    And of course I'd remember you for your artwork :3
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  3. I don't want to be remembered. I have a bad dramatic past that practically most of the people in this community hate me for. If not all the people. If I am to be remembered, I would want it to be for being a ghostly shadow behind everyone while they had their fun.
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  4. i wanna be remembered as the dashing rogue philanderer extraordinaire that i am :)
  5. i wanna be remembered for my amazingness
  6. You sir, You are awesome. I gon' remember you for being the awesome guy that used to have the Orange Guy as his profile pic. I don't care nor know about what you have done. It doesn't matter to me. All i want to know is that you and all of my other friends are still here.

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  7. "The one who saved the pears."
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  8. i already get remembered as soon as people see batman.. 5 conversations a day at least with batman related pictures or items they saw in a store. xD go batman!

    but what do i want to be remembered for? i dunno, anything that has made you laugh, or maybe i've upset you some how. but at least, regardless of reason, being remembered is nice.
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  9. I won't be remembered for anything. I haven't been anyway.
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  10. I want to buy remembered for being that Lucky guy on EMC :3
  11. i smell a ton of lies in your words. i haven't forgotten you and i sure wont forget you either :p
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  12. I want to be remembered for cake
  13. this is clearly a given, :p
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  14. No one is truly forgotten on EMC they are just stored in that place in the brain when you hear a good song but can only remember the beat. :p

    I want to be remembered as samsimx I guess :)
    Edit: or yamaka boy
  15. im gonna remember you as yamaka boy :p
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  16. I want to be remembered by being the rare item collecter I got a few rares ton more to go but only my 72 day :p
  17. Piggeh... but... dat mail war, and those heads, and baconz... *sob*
  18. You. Stop lying. WE LUV U!!!
  19. I have never ever thought of you as batman.
    Then again, I just realized you were in the Empire when you became mod...

    I want to be remembered for my butt.
  20. Okay. So, eventually I want to be remembered as the following:
    1. That guy who made the crazy museum.
    2. Somebody creative.
    3. That guy who went on those crazy pear rants.
    4. A piece of the community who contributed interesting and meaningful ideas.
    5. Most of all, just a friend.
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