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  1. fair point but I like quality not quantity and I know everyone does but you can only have Quality up to a point when it starts to lack but EMC is the best BIG server but in my eyes not the best server :/ the new players here love it here the older ones are loosing interest now, I Think
  2. I don't think it's just the older (playing time) players that are annoyed by it - although yeah, we've seen a lot leave recently.

    I've only been here for 2 months, so I guess I'm not an older player, in that sense.

    I think what makes the 'more serious' players give up is, the volume of idiots - mostly young - who are out of control. You know the type; the ones that would never even consider googling to get an answer to the simplest question ('how I plant melllllun'), but would rather ask it in town chat - about 100 times over. In capitals. With more exclamation-marks every time.

    And because those types of player see others spamming the chat, constantly, they think it's OK too - "SHE advertized her shop here 100 times, in ALLCAPS, so I'm going to as well". So it's a vicious circle.
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  3. Welcome to the world of online gaming. I promise you that it's not just us. Every major online game, big or small has this problem and until the world somehow finds a way to naturally remove these types from our planet, you can't avoid it.
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  4. Guys - Use the ignore feature. It is available and if you don't use it you have no one to blame but yourself if you have to put up with annoying people.

    Take some responsibility in the problem solving. You want to talk about maturity? Then show that you have some. They GIVE you the tools to make it happen. So STOP complaining about the "annoying kids" and for the sake of the staffs sanity - USE IT!!!!!!!!!

    Goodness, I hate when people use caps to get their point across. I'm sorry but I just feel like you guys don't listen when they tell you - over and over and over. IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE

    Why don't you guys go back and read the guide you claim to want to uphold. It clearly talks about this wonderful feature they give you called IGNORE>

    I have a new suggestion. From this point forward - anyone who complains about how "annoying the kids are on the server" gets a 24 hr ban for reason "read the guide - /ignore"
  5. Well, I could avoid it - by avoiding online gaming! And mostly, I do. I know you understand the problem; I'm just suggesting something that I think could make a huge difference - and make people like the OP, others who have commented here, and me, much happier.

    I have seen, so many times, things similar to this;

    == Scenario 1 ==

    Bob: COME SHOP AT 12345!!!
    Bob: SHOP AT 12345!!!
    Bob: COME SHOP AT 12345!!!
    Herbrin3: Hey, Bob. Please don't use all capitals, and please don't repeat things! thanks.
    <2 mins later>
    Sally: ****>>>> SHEEPS EG AT ONLIE 100 DOLLAR"
    Herbrin3: Hi Sally. Please don't use all capitals, because it sounds like you are shouting. Thanks!
    <2 mins later>

    ...and so on

    Compare to:

    == Scenario 2 ==
    Bob: COME SHOP AT 12345!!!
    Bob: SHOP AT 12345!!!
    Bob: COME SHOP AT 12345!!!
    Bob was kicked by SomeMod. Reason: Shouting/spamming

    Bob usually re-joins, and learns to stop spamming.

    The point here is, that - seeing that happen - Sally and Charlie never even start shouting.

    Other players see that you can't get away with spamming, so they don't try it.

    A little swift and appropriate moderation goes a long way. "Scenario 2" does happen on EMC, occasionally; but sadly, "Scenario 1" is much much more common.

    So - we're not criticizing. Yes, mods do great stuff. Yes, over-worked. 'Coz there are not enough of 'em to go around.

    We are not asking mods to be "superman" and not eat/sleep. We're just asking that *someone* can be present, to deal with this, a little bit more often.
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  6. Above, I tried to explain why /ignore does not solve the problem. Perhaps I did not explain it well enough?
  7. As often as humanly possible, we are. :)
  8. 1)
    Sure there was a glitch that flooded the market, but diamonds get used up, and it will go back down. The economy is big enough that even if 1 million rupees worth of diamonds show up, it's not going to effect it. I've been buying them up and using them in the buildings to get them off the market. I'll setup a chest later in the day today buying them for 40r each if you want to dump a bunch.

    There has always been players that don't know what is going on, and there will always be players that don't. EMC was my first large multiplayer minecraft server, and when I joined, I had no idea what was going on. I read the guide, but I still asked questions.

    I feel like while there's a shift in the number of new players with questions, there's also a shift in the hostility of old players towards answering them!

    And there's always going to be people saying "This shop is rubbish" and "This shop is SO expensive!!", they want the best deal and will whine about it hoping to get it. They wouldn't be at your shop if it was rubbish, and 150 days ago on EMC I heard the same thing.

    /ignore and /report
    Report those who continue to cause problems and /ignore them once you've reported them. Generally I just say something like, I'm ignoring "playername" in chat, then /ignore them. Others follow suit, and they know I don't hear what they're asking in chat.
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  9. I agree with a lot of what people have said but I want to be clear this is not a dig at EMC staff. They do the best job they can. I am actually talking about the people who play. We all play Minecraft for the same reason, to have fun, I just really hate seeing people doing things to upset others and generally just wind people up. I especially think that if you're joining a free server like this the least you could do is read the guide, rules and try to learn as best you can. I know we can just /ignore them but why can't everyone just be nice to each other in the first place? Maybe the 8 year old's just can't do this. :/
  10. I have had a shop since I started on smp6 ppl complain until they get used to the game, donĀ“t let it effect you they will soon learn. :)
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  11. 8 year olds should not be permitted. Or, they should have their own sandbox server to play on. I really really do not want to try and have conversations with 8-year-olds; but I really do want to interact with more mature players.
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  12. The age part bugs me a bit too because of people nowadays. Little Jimmy could be playing the game and become friends with John. They mine together etc. Little Jimmy's parents look at John's page and see he is 30+ and suddenly crazy mess happens where John has cops at his door because little Jimmy is a Minor. I had a 14 year old troll bugging me so bad and asking me the most inappropriate things. I had to make new accounts on things and get admins involved because I'm so paranoid that stuff would happen. As I said, just me being paranoid. I do know that there is no real way to control this stuff however.
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  13. actually no ;P wrong person!
    i completely agree. when i was in 4th-5th grade, i was one of the most socially awkward kids known to my town. i used to be crazy (figuratively, not actually crazy) and i would do do anything i was told to do. then just one day i couldnt stand anything or anybody. i just snapped. up until then i watched disney channel mostly, then i started watching the discovery channel. even now i mostly watch documentaries about space and other laws of physics on netflix. (my favorite is the into the universe with stephen hawking :) . everyone that i was friends with annoyed the hell out of me. i moved to a new school for middle school. the people where slightly less annoying ;). crap this is a long post of me telling about me being a weirdo isnt it? oh well, in short some kids are maturer than others!
    and i rest my case.
    EDIT: turns out there where a ton of posts i didnt see. i really want to do this today: go onto another random server, and ask questions pointlessly. "how do i plant wheat? then how do i make a hoe? can you find diamonds on the surface? i dont like mining"
    then go on emc and ask 1 or 2 questions and then say it is an experiment for science ;) FYI im not gonna do this :D i dont wanna get banned accidentally and get it noted on some record website.
  14. Off-topic, but... anyone who has not seen TED talks, you are missing out. It has some of the most astounding, educational and fascinating videos. I make no apology for "spamming" it, because it is totally free, non-profit, and wonderful.
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  15. saw a few of those but it was after one of my 48-hour documentary day-athon so i couldnt actually remember or comprehend anything about it XD
  16. if i was a mod i would be on 24/7 never eat/sleep until i die of starvation and sleep deprevation :p
  17. Yeah some parents can be crazy...

    One of our members had to leave and stop playing multiplayer because his mother saw he was playing with someone who had "Terrorist" in their name... Felt so sorry for him :(
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  18. Note the fifth bulleted item: http://empireminecraft.com/help/terms

    There are tons of little Jimmys on EMC and it's just laughed off, but all it would take is one photo or some words to get someone 18+ in trouble.
  19. Note that situations like this are very rare and unlikely, if and when they should ever happen on EMC, we will of course handle the situation appropriately and forward all relevant issues to proper authorities, should the need arise.