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  1. Well I want to start this thread with a positive: this server is epic, it is the best server I have ever been on and I don't think there is any other server which can beat it however I think there are some small issues developing:

    1) The Economy - I love the economy, it is what makes EMC so unique and fun but I think recently it has started to spiral out of control. This is for a number of reasons: xraying - diamonds used to be 50r which would be considered a good deal but now people are wanting diamonds for well bellow 40r!! I regularly get players selling me vast quantities of diamonds and them just not selling. I thought 43r for a diamond would be a great deal, Apparently that is a "RIP OFF!". I guess things like the sand generators and other duplication glitches are contributing towards this too. Also what about people lacking 'work ethic'? People just aren't prepared to work for their rupees they just think sitting around spamming the chat will earn them money. I remember when I started on EMC I would of sawn my right arm off to get a chance to work on someone's res for rupees but now no one wants to because it is "Too hard" or "Not fun".

    2) The Players - I think the reason a lot of the older players are leaving is because of the huge amount of players joining and not knowing a basic thing about the server after the tutorial. This is easy to fix; just make the tutorial longer/harder. If the player is serious about joining this server then they should have to make an effort. I also feel that a lot of players, particularly the newer players, are generally just more hostile towards others. I get a lot of rude people in my shop complaining that the prices are too high saying things like "This shop is rubbish" and "This shop is SO expensive!!". I can understand why a lot of players are leaving if this is what they face day-to-day.

    3) The Chat - This kind of links to the players but I feel this is an annoying ongoing problem that everyone experiences. People are pointlessly spamming the chat with CAPS and swear words. This just makes the server a bad place to be. I know we can just /chat off but why should we suffer just because of a minority group? I think a big problem is that people don't know about local and private chat. I see a lot of conversations between two people in the public chat. This drives me mad when I'm trying to find out who sells stone bricks or who can advice me on my house.

    Well that's the rant over for now but I would just like to add that I would have left long ago if this server was not so good and unique. This server is the best and I know a lot of other servers have these issues far more worse.

    Ps. Sorry for the wall of text :p
  2. Boohoo.
    Boohoo and /ignore.
    *whew* :p
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  3. Well thanks for your help. :) [/sarcasm]
  4. honestly my complaint is the kids. most lie about there age, so we have 8 year olds (once i had a 5 year old, only typed in smiley faces, that really got on my nerves, eventually banned them from my res) or younger running around spamming the chat. i wish people just had the courtesy to read the guide. i remember when i first joined. smp1 was the only place. i signed up, read and tested myself on the guide (since i didnt know that there was a tutorial area) and then i joined. i actually spawned on top of the spawn hut anyway for some reason, maybe because i signed up for a supporter first thing. i did the claim thing, asked if there really werent any lots open, then retreated to the utopia wild in smp1 (still all 1 server). i never complained about anything, and i never complained about griefers. everybody got along fine.
    smp2 opened, and a few annoying people came, but most where good. smp3 brought some more. smp4 and on brought all of the kids.
    i just think that people should be tempbanned if acting immature, and their profile investigated. if they admit to being younger than 8, they can be allowed, but maybe they will just need a phone-call from a guardian that says they can use emc. kids just need to be controlled. right now its like a playground with 10,000 kids and 20 adults to make sure they behave, and 10,000 mature "kids" who try to keep them under control, but have no sway.
  5. Why does everyone blame smp4 and others. I live in smp4, and it is an awesome community. No spam, no swears. The only problem is that some people sometimes argue but that is quickly solved by /report
  6. Smp5 has had about 20 people join it in the past day or so. All the newbies asking ''How duz i clam rez'' and ''Ur shoop iz to expinciv'' is getting pretty annoying.
  7. There has always been new players who don't know what they are doing. It happens, you can't avoid it. But last night there was actually a new player who had come on and read the signs. He typed "claim res#" in the chat without a / by accident, so you could tell he was actually learning how to do it and not ask. It made me smile. :)

    About the chat, you have several ways to fix this. If someone is using caps, spam, foul language etc. several times REPORT THEM. Type /report, the name of the person, and the reason for the report. Then moderators can take action from Square. It won't happen straight away every time, so remember you can also type /ignore to that player. Nothing can be fixed about these players though if you don't take the initiative to tell them to stop, or report them. Also, maybe try telling them about local and private chat instead of pointing out to us that they don't know how to use it. Giving a person a little helpful hand goes a lot farther than complaining about what people are doing wrong.

    As for the economy, the reason diamonds are so cheap right now is because some people found about a glitch and took advantage of it. Then they sold all their diamonds to other shops to make money. It has caused a massive rise in the amount of diamonds in the market and will take a little time to settle again. I remember when diamonds used to be worth 60r, then dropped down to 30-40, then back up to 50-55. They will go back up in price as the supply drops again. If you see someone, or know someone with X-ray mod, report them immediately. This goes the same for sand generators, but you can also tell them they aren't allowed and they might remove it. /report /report /report is a great tool - use it. They will be served their punishment. I found someone with a sand gen last night actually, and I told him they werent allowed. He had no idea, was sad for a minute cos it took him ages to build, but then dismantled it straight away infront of my eyes. I was very impressed.
  8. Kids are very annoying when they can be aren't they?
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  9. I have a shop on 8, have sold iron for 6r per and sold like hot cakes...recently with new people, I hear "OMG, you're a rip off" on a daily basis, and told by the newbies that I need to sell for 1r a piece of they wont shop at my store.
    You can tell they're kids, and it's sad they show no respect at all for anyone.
  10. Are we posting complaints? I cant tell.
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  11. I know, the hatching of this generation are turning into real beasts, not only online, but in schools and other places. The cause for this is the fact that most of the parents now are irresponsible. So much for our future...
  12. I agree 100%. We are all doomed when they become adults, and the world collapses :/
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  13. You can only take responsiblilty for yourself.
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  14. dont worry, i found a solution.
    inspired by a reddit post, i decided to hold the trials of slugs. i have captured 2 slugs of a superior breed and have made them mate. then i take their offsprings and put them in a maze of salt and copper wire. (copper hurts them, salt kills them) at the end of the maze is a tad bit of beer, jam, and a leaf of a hosta plant. then i take the survivors and breed it with other survivors. every generation has to go through a harder course. the more kids there are, the slightly harder it gets. if none survive, i make it slightly easier. so far i have gotten the slugs small and smart. they can navigate the easy mazes, but sometimes get stuck and try to barge their way to the rewards.
    i plan on doing this until i can communicate with them. already i have befriended one, who has beat 2 mazes. he is burned in some places from the salt, but is still a smart slug. i named him johnny. I think that within 5 years they will be smart enough to communicate, and they will think of me as god. by that time i will raise an army of slugs and kidnap all those deemed not worthy. they will go through their own toxic maze. the survivors will be released.

    im just playing. but i really am doing slug trials. so far no winners. >XD
    EDIT: for everybody who thinks this is a good idea (aka liking it) i will spare you in the coming firestorm of trials. :)
    RE-EDIT: also you will get a champion slug named after you! :)
  15. you wanna know what bugs me people who complain like crazy on EMC, not like "your stuff is expensive" more like people going on and on and on about a stack of diamond for 2348 is too expensive, just because they dont have that kind of money
  16. also people saying that your res sucks just because it is a farming lot (supporters know this) when their lot looks griefed, creeper-ed, and enderman-ed. and dont forget noobed!
  17. That is SOOO true, farming is a big monetary industry, which is what I do to make my money. My neighbors' places look more like dirt towers and holes that don't make sense!!!
  18. that's why my house and farms are underground with a hatch to get in so nobody can noob it up and egg my house anymore
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  19. All of these problems are on SMP1. Its absolutely pathetic. I can't find ANYONE to do work any more. Everyone's always asking for freebies, money and REALLY CHEAP items. I know how you feel, people should man up and learn to make money. I do not put up with lazy and ignorant people. Sometime's people need to be put in there place. I agree with the hole tutorial thing, it should be longer. But yes, I agree these are annoying and I know where your coming from.
  20. i'll work for you :) although i don't live on smp1 i could stop by daily for work