What are okay things to destroy?

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    1. Can we destroy NPC villages?
    2. Can we destroy abandoned places?
    3. Can we destroy dirt pillars in the sky?
  1. 1 As long as theres no sign on player activity around it, yes.
    2. not if it was built by a player
    3. yes as long as its not new (if you cant tell, dont worry)
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  2. What Mirr0rr said is correct. However, if there was ANY player activity whatsoever (missing crops, etc) you CANNOT destroy this. It must be a fresh NPC village you found. This prevents accidental griefing.

    If you're not sure it should be destroyed, IT PROBABLY SHOULDN'T BE!
  3. I have a novel idea.....

    Why not BUILD things. :)
  4. Just to add a note. We have players that build things that look griefed. So just because something looks griefed and abandoned does not mean it is. The general rule is: If it is not yours. Don't touch.
  5. On SMP6, in the frontier, I've created a village. This is a player created village. It's got signs identifying itself as Perriville. No griefing it please. I just finished rebuilding it from the last griefer.
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  6. What did you say about my building style?
  7. Gotta keep in mind too that Creepers are a thing and they're the King of Griefing. ;)
  8. Not making any attempt to repair a Creeper hole can be considered griefing on some occasions.
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