What Angers you The Most?

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  1. So today I have not really been in a good mood. (Not on EMC/MC just IRL things.)
    Like Stupid things and horrible things at school. (Both my best friends left to a different school)
    And other things. But really the point is that you tell me what has Angered you the most and what do you do to calm down. I mostly just go get some snacks and hot chocolate and go play Emc. Tell me your below.
  2. I am 13, 6'1 and have size 13 double wide feet. I cannot find anything that ever fits. That makes me mad. I go on minecraft to calm me down.

    EDIT: I forgot the last part and then edited it. I hope bireme wasn't referring to me :oops:.
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  3. when people dont read the original post or in some cases others posts on emc forums.
    to deal with it i eat a taco (they calm me down)
  4. I realized I forgot a part. Now I feel like an idiot.
  5. A sub told me I had to show all my work on some stupid math sheet. I almost lost my cool for the first time in my school career of being top of class. I was ready to blow up and yell in her face I was so mad!:mad: Luckily I didn't and what made me feel better was that I had just won 40$ worth of i-Tunes gift cards! YAY! :)
  6. my brother makes me the maddest, the week he was in Washington was the best week of my life
  7. When people are clueless on EMC about the obvious stated stuff.
  8. When rick riordan ends with a major cliffhanger.
    To solve I wait a year and read the new book in two days.
  9. IKR!
  10. when dinosaurs yell at me
  11. Oh god, i hate when my grandmother is mad at me too.
    I play on other servers.
    Or I play Singleplayer.
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  13. I am mad whenever aikar ruins the economy and I calm myself down by ruining it even more. Aikar always forgets to ask me to help him ruin the economy.
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  14. I have people who say #Yolo at all. I solve it by slapping them, or down voting/disliking their posts
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  15. I agree completely. #yolo
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  16. *Looks for down vote, only to find it doesnt exist.*
    Over the internet slap :p
  17. Ouch!
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  19. Story of my life!
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