What am I allowed to do if I find the automatic farm of another player?

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  1. Hi! My problem is that I found another player's automatic farm in the wild. It is quite efficient, but I am not sure whether I am allowed to use it or not. Because it is an automatic farm, it does not affect the player who made it at all if I use it. On the other hand, somebody told me that the owner would ban me if I used it, and I had to "buy access." What should I do? Is there a certain set of rules for using/not using players' farms? Thank you in advance!
  2. This is a complicated problem on EMC that can't really be settled in a way that affects both parties positively.

    Currently, the owner can NOT ask/get you banned if you use his farm in the wild, nor if you set up base there, stay there, ect. They have the right to ask you to leave though, althought they can't force you. The wild is currently ANYONE'S land.

    You can not "sell access" instead, you are able to sell cordinates of locations in the wild, whether that be a grinder or farm but you can NOT sell ownership.

    Long story short, yes you can use it if you don't grief or negatively affect the location in any way.

    It's common courtesy to ask though, especially if you find a grinder and I will strongly suggest that you leave if they say no.

    Just for reference;
    from this thread. :)
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  11. Generally, If I find someones creation in the wild. Regardless of WHAT it is. I take a look at it, maybe leave a comment on a sign for them, and then move on. I find it rather rude to stick around on someone elses creation if I didn't help them build it. I would rather go out and build one for myself.

    This also applies to automatic farms in the wild. Many players built something specifically for their individual use. They may let you use it, but you should always ask first; then respect and listen to what they say. Some supporters build things in the wild and would rather non-supporters stay away from them because it attracts more attention on the Live Map
  12. I agree completely.

    I would also say that the best way to find out whose farm it is is to look around for any signs or locked chests. Even if you don't find any, Chickeneer's statement still stands as a good policy to follow.
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  15. I always put signs on my grinders with my name and "Use at will", indicating that they were publically usable. However, my two grinders just got griefed yesterday so if I build another one, I'm going to hide it.
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  18. I had the exact same problem, but I thought that since the wild is owned by everyone, I could use it.
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