Well EMC, it's been a ride.

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  1. My name is Sam, I've been a member of EMC for 1200 days today. (Now this looks planned >.>)

    I think that description is good enough for my 1200 days on EMC as I haven't really accomplished much or made anything of myself. :p I've met some amazing people here, some I talk to daily and play other video games with even! EMC has always been something I would turn to when I had any free time, sometimes even make free time for EMC. ;)

    I've known I was going to leave EMC for a few months now, but always had stayed because I was hoping something would change my mind or persuade me to stay, but it still has not come. EMC has provided me with hours and hours of entertainment, I've had many laughs on mumble and even met someone I would call a friend on here. The truth is I no longer experience these hours and hours of entertainment, many laughs or have any more friends that play here. It's something that has happened to a lot of players, but since I will get spammed if I don't give a formal goodbye I have written this.

    I no longer find enjoyment in the game of minecraft anymore, I just find it boring having done pretty much everything, weird in a sandbox game right? I haven't found enjoyment in the game for the past year or so, and it's just been the community that has kept me here for this time and the reason I came back as mod. If some remember, I stepped down from mod for a while due to IRL events. I came back because I missed the feeling of helping people and giving back to the community that had given me so many hours of enjoyment and an escape from RL. The EMC forums over the past few months have changed into something I can't stand. I'll come home from work/school only to read posts from people who are obviously lying, spamming forums for likes/attention, hate threads, hate posts, people constantly trying to persuade others that their way is the only way or that their mindset is the right one. Now this is nothing new to EMC as it is an internet forum, but I feel as of late I'm more bothered by specific cases or I realize it more often since I've "matured". This isn't the reason I'm leaving exactly, but it's definitely a factor that I had to rant about since I've seen it drive other players as well. What happened to using the Empire MINECRAFT forums for something at least SOMEWHAT minecraft related? I'm in no way saying you can't post those (as this is a good-bye thread) but do people really care that much about what people on a minecraft forum who the main age range is 13-17 think about them, their beliefs, or lifestyle?

    In no way am I witch hunting anyone as I'd never want to do that to anyone, so don't read this and think to yourself, "Crap", this is just my personal opinion over my time on EMC and something I had to let out somehow. :p

    Main reason I'm leaving is college and skiing, I would stay longer if I could!

    Now finally a thank you to Aikar and Krysyy, although I may have gotten frustrated at some of your decisions or been annoyed at something you've done, you have always kept EMC at it's best and I truly thank you for that. I could write way more than that to thank you, but a simple thank you will have to do. :p

    **I will check the forums for my inbox incase some friends PM me about inquirys, but do not expect me to reply actively. If you'd like to talk to me for some reason I have skype, google+ and other forms of communication, but I think I have already contacted my friends about keeping in touch. :)
  2. Is this a Happy emc birthday?
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  3. NUUU! Why you leave :( I don't want you to leave your awesome!
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  4. Goodbye Sam. Best of luck in the future. :(
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  5. Sam wait your LEAVING smp7 needs you oh and the rest :rolleyes:
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  6. Best of luck to you in all of your future endeavors, and may I give you one last all hail lord samsimx. ;)
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  7. See yea around dude... Make sure you don't tear a ACL or MCL while skiing :p
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  8. Farewell Sam. All Hail Lord Samsmix
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  9. Bye, I am very sad to see you go. I wanted to have a great time with you :(
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  10. Early April fools joke, hah, right?

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  11. Well miss you #WeWillMissYouSam!! and #AllHailLordSamsimx

    Over and out theomglover3rd:(
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  12. I hope it was
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  13. but who will i not hail now?
    ill miss you sammykins
  14. I'll miss seeing you around Sam, we haven't spoken a ton recently but we've had some laughs and I'll remember you for that, and your mob arena takeover all that while ago :p Good luck in your future endeavours, I'll see you around Sam, it's been a good ride :)
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  15. All Hail *Insert Name Here*

    Plz we need one!!
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  16. Dude..... who will I match Kanye Rhymes with now? :oops:
    Well, see ya around :D

    (Guess that means I'm almost to 1200 too lol)
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  17. But lucky your not leave cause then who would do firefloor
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  18. Kanye uses his Kanye ryhmes to send his final Kanye goodbyes.

    Goodbye Sam,

    And one final "Hail" for the king.
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  19. Goodbye Sam, I will always remember you as the guy I remember wanting to be one day on EMC.

    You were one of the first people I met on Empire Minecraft, and now to this day whenever I see the name simx I always remember back to those times.

    Thank you for your service.
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  20. Thank you for your time as a mod and I'll miss you! I'm so glad I got to see you grow from a not-so-nice person into the staff you were. Simx Is the proof that people can change who they are, just by putting forth some effort. In addition, you always were able to handle all staff issues without losing touch as a player and having FUN while doing it!

    Good luck in whatever you do! You'll do great.
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