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  1. hey everyone, i wasnt on for a looong time, so my res went away, claimed by someone else, and so im just sorta out of stuff, i pretty much have nother, i wasnt too upset, then i realised i lost my 2013 crafta award :)() but i suppose thats what i get

    anyway, i decided to move servers, any suggestions? i dont want to move to: smp9, smp2, or smp7, as i was either just living there or im at an outpost there, any suggestions you guys?
  2. Gotta rep that SMP5.
  3. i was thinking about that, thanks ill keep that in mind
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  4. SMP9 All day!
  5. You should totally move to smp7 cuz its awesome!! I'm sorry you lost your res. It happened to me a few times but you just gotta be active you know. GL!
  6. Smp8 has a great community, but sometimes it gets rowdy. I suggest smp9 though, everyone there seems pretty nice and caring. But Smp9 is one of our laggiest servers (for me at least).
  7. Woot Woot Represent!
  8. Smp8 is for sure the most happening place to be, on Emc
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  9. Put your important stuff in your vault next time :3 (should have done that with my voter's block)
  10. Pssst. SMP3
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  11. pssssssssst smp3 ;)
  12. zeh bump, ill prob move tonight
  13. SMP1, because noone has said it and my making a theme park there :p
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  14. I'd go with smp5. There are some pretty great people there and many active mods.
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  15. smp7 for sure
  16. smp8 has cheap shop prices and cool people like me. jk but there are some really nice people on it
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  17. Awww spidey329, sorry to hear that you lost your Crafta award.
    I remember running to your res back in the day to look at that and your promo wall you had going on.
    Then the minecarts that would bounce back and forth too!

    Heck no matter what smp you get to, hit me up so I can get you some basic materials or what not when the time comes.

    Whenever someone takes a break, be sure to toss valuables in your inventory, enderchests, and vault!
    (or possibly museums!)
    See ya around man! Glad you are back!
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  18. Psssstttt smp3.
    Or if thats not chill with you; Psssstttt smp7.
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  19. darnit guys lol