Welcome TheCritic to the Developer team!

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  1. [IMG]Who said 1 additional developer was enough for EMC? I am pleased to announce that TheCritic has also joined the Developer team!

    With our boosted capacity, be prepared to see faster progress on updates.

    We have some pretty exciting things coming down the pipeline.... and TheCritic has already been doing a great job learning our code and resolving tickets!

    Welcome to the team TheCritic!

  2. Welcome to the Team Critic :D
  3. Welcome to the team TheCritic! It's really great to see our Dev Team growing so well recently :) (Blue Crew ftw ^_~*)
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  4. Code:
    package mainDevsPack;
    public class MainDevs {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            int Developers = 6;
                System.out.println("MOAR DEVS");
            while (Developers > 5);
    yes I sat here and wrote this because why not
    EDIT: shh the numbers were always right
  5. Devs are taking over the world...
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  7. Now make it in block form. That's the real challenge ;)
  8. Next thing you know a whole smp gets promoted to dev....
  10. More Devs is never a bad thing :p
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  11. Welcome!
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  12. Welcome!
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  13. This pleases me. Congratulations, Critic. :)
  14. Hey, thanks for kicking in Critic!
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  15. Congrats
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  16. Grats and welcome to the team! :)
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