Welcome Sachrock and fBuilderS to the EMC Staff Team!

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  1. Today, we promoted 2 more deserving members to the rank of Mod in Training, the first step in being a staff member on EMC: Sachrock and fBuilderS!

    They're going to be working to learn everything they can about our processes and doing their best to serve this great community. Don't single them out in any of your requests just yet while they learn the ropes, but be sure to say hi when you see them online. They'll be in green :D

    Congrats again to Sachrock and fBuilderS!!!

    Just a reminder that this does not mean that we are done looking for staff. In fact, we are never actually done. The applications are always open at staffapp.emc.gs and we look forward to seeing yours if you think you'd be a good fit!
  2. Congrats! Hope you guys enjoy
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  3. Congratulations again to fBuilderS and Sachrock!! I'm pleased (and unsurprised) to see you joining the green team :)
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  4. Welcome to the team, Sachrock and fBuilderS! Look forward to working with you guys and seeing what you do!
  5. Congratz on mod Chicken!

    In all seriousness though, congratz to you both. I'm sure you'll do great.

    (I stole it from you Jack) :p
  6. Congrats guys, looking forward to working with you both!
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  7. congrats you two!
  8. Congratulations Sach on becoming chief stream broadcaster and thread pinner
  9. Thanks :) and Grats to Builders
  10. Congrats you guys! Do good things =)
  11. Welcome to the team! :) Grats!
  12. I'm sure they will. But congrats again guys! :D
  13. Congrats, you two! Keep on what you're doing!
  14. Well - That came out of nowhere. Neat!
  15. Welcome to the team!
    Dont forget, new mods have to supply the pizza and drinks at the next 'Super Secret Staff Party' - dont tell the players though [shhhhhhh].
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  16. Congrats on getting sick and turning green, welcome to the team you two.
  17. Woohoo! Always love seeing more fabulous green beans! You guys will do great! =D
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