We just reached 444 444 members!!!!!

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  1. We just reached 444 444 members!!!!!
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  2. But like 7777 or less of them are active lol
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  3. people can be active with seasons, and have other stuff, is obvius that we dont have half a million people always online, but... still that is a large number
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  4. So I wasn't the only one watching for this :p
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  5. And now we're at 444,448. Those 4 new players just had to ruin the moment, didn't you? :D

    (just kidding guys!!)
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  6. 4s to everyone :)
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  7. I missed 60k 80k 100k... i hope im able to see 500k!!

    #500kmemebrsgear #bringbackthefml
  8. that will be around February, if my maths are correct(didnt do actually math hardcore, so probably completely wrong)
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  9. *waits for shel to write a paragraph of mathness*
  10. 4 is a magic number you know. Keeps demons away I hear, of course that's just myth, or is it?
  11. are you factoring in that Winter break we receive an increase in activity and join rate?
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  12. It has been 7 months since we got 400k(and we got 44k)
    I said february cause in december we will reach around 480k(since is only 3 months, but due to the winter increase, maybe 185k due to Minecon(aka MC propaganda)), and in February(or mid-late january), new peoples will tell their friends about EMC when they get to school again, so...

    i didnt do any exponential equations or of that sort, i kinda just used an estimate and a basic calculator... ehh dont really have time to reasearch the previus stats, so i can figure out exactly when, but... seems like a pretty good guess to me
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  13. Still, I do think it's interesting that posts like these can really show you that EMC is getting its good share of new members. So 2 days ago we were at 444,444 members. Right now (time of writing, as mentioned: 2 days later) we're at 444,604. So 160 more players joined up, in less than 2 days. I think those are impressive numbers.

    I've mentioned this myself a few times: I don't think the problem is to attract new members, the trick is to keep them onboard.

    Well, here in Holland we have a saying: "Gelukkig hebben we de foto's nog!", which boils down to: "Fortunately we still got the pictures", yet that doesn't have the same ring to it ;) Anyway, I did a write-up on the 300k give away. And rumor has it that this player is still active today :)
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  14. Ok, so it's not exactly to the hour, a month from the last post but I thought I'd add the stats we have now for those who might want to compare them to shels comment above mine. To see what a months growth is from sept. To oct. In what I'd term an "off season" since this is the start of the school year here in the U.S.

    Empire Activity
    Current Members: 447821
    Active Last Month: 6819
    Players Online Now: 65
    EMC Time: Oct 19 2:21AM

    Forum Statistics
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  15. I'm a little late to this, but: that's cool!
  16. I think that it will be sometime during January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, or December. :rolleyes:
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  17. Was ayanamikun the 300k memeber?
  18. Ayups.
  19. Just a small FYI not everyone who plays is in high school or elementary school. I am in college and start my new semester first week of January. There are over 40 on smp6 I know that I talk to often that already finished school years ago...

    Might also want to consider that.

    PS hard to type on cell phone lol
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