We demand a bill of meme equality!

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Should EMC get a bill of meme equality.

Yes 22 vote(s) 73.3%
No 8 vote(s) 26.7%
  1. It has recently come to my attention that EMC considers bills now so I think this should be considered. Memes are discriminated upon every day. Just because someone is Pepe or John Cena, or even Spongegar, they should not be treated this way. This behaviour must stop or it may get out of hand. please consider this all mighty EMC government, do it for the memes... no, do it for EMC.
  2. FULL SUPPORT +10000000000000000000000000000000 WE NEED THIS!
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  3. (I am fairly certain this is a sarcastic thread, and that you are not being serious. If you are being serious, I apologize beforehand and you can ignore everything I have written below.)

    While I respect your opinion on the creation of a "Bill of Rights" for the Empire (I have also been following this thread all day), I do not believe that creating another thread to mock somebody's idea is the best way to display your opinion. The person who created the thread has been a part of EMC for over 4 years, and no matter how ridiculous you may believe their idea to be, we should still show the person respect for being a part of EMC for such a long time. They truly believe that this idea is important for both them and the rest of the Empire, so even if you don't agree, mocking them is not the best course of action to show your disagreement.
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  4. Thank-you for your support :) <3
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  5. Oh no, I totally love the fact that the staff now considers bills like they're a government.
  6. They're not.

    I think there's some serious confusion going on here. The only thing which happened is that Krysyy picked up SSRC's bill as a suggestion on making the current rules easier to understand. The only thing which got changed was that some sections got slightly reworded but their essence, the very meaning of the rules, hasn't changed at all.

    I noticed that many players don't feel comfortable with the idea that "one guy can happen to write up a whole lot of text and suddenly the rules get changed" but honestly they haven't. This is no different from another random player who voices his discomfort about some of the rules.

    In a way you can even consider these happenings as an extension of this here:


    Trust me when I say that the rewrite which took place there was also fully triggered by what the community - in general - had to say about the rules (and what they shared with Krysyy of course). The main difference? SSRC got it all out in the open, and the announced rewrite was basically a collection of suggestions where most were shared in private.

    Considering that we're talking about a public document in the first place I'm convinced that I'm not overstepping my boundaries when I do this, but even so note that I don't take my actions lightly (even though it is harmless enough IMO). But when talking about the chat rules then this:

    Got changed into this:

    So basically a strong suggestion "please keep these topics out of chat" got changed into "please keep this topics out of public". I know some players argue that this change meant that some of our freedom was taken away. I disagree. Read carefully: the first rule said to keep it out of chat. Private chat or group chat is chat too you know. The new version says to keep it out of public. Each to their own, but I think it's become a lot more clear here that those topics can be addressed in private (private chat, group chat, residence chat, etc.).

    Keep it out of public vs. keep it out of chat.

    So let's do the same with the forum rules, under the same motivation that we're talking about a public document in the first place, so digging up history shouldn't be too much of a problem right now (also because Krysyy showed the changes herself):

    That got changed into this:

    The wording is different but you can see for yourself that their intent hasn't changed one bit.

    It's not as if Krysyy read SSRC's proposal and immediately thought "Gee, let's rewrite the rules entirely". It's merely rewording some sections to make sure they're easier to understand. That's all which happened.

    In case some of you are now wondering what happened here: all the rules are placed on the wiki, and the wiki is an area where us contribs also do our work. We cannot edit the rules ourselves for obvious reasons, but we can look into its history. Just like we can on any other wiki page.

    Under normal circumstances I don't use any of my contrib capabilities for public spectacles like this, as said I don't take this lightly, but I know that many players got seriously concerned about the recent changes as such I deemed this necessary to show you guys exactly what got changed.

    I think it clearly shows that there's no reason for panic here.
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  7. did somebody say dankmemesfam?
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  8. I don't think the thread host meant it exactly like he said, but from what I can see from their post and the rest of the posts in this thread, I gather that this thread is sarcastic and meant for joking only.

    While your post makes perfect sense, that rule change that you've noted is the same as what Krysyy has stated in the actual thread. I have a feeling that the thread host made this thread as a separate joke, as opposed to starting up a flame war and having the thoughts from the other thread come into here. Your post just brings the drama and decisions made in another thread into a, from what I feel, joke thread that is meant to be for fun and laughter. That's just what I feel personally, I'm not talking on behalf of anybody else, though.

    Personally, I think the Empire should be serious about things, which it is, and that's why the other thread was made. But a thread like this is also under another important category of EMC: fun! I'm always up for serious talk, but when it comes down to it, having a bit of fun and laughter is what's great about the community on EMC.

    I'll take from this thread that it's a bit of fun, and that no meme equality bill will actually be posted. In good old Illuminooty spirit and to leave on a happier meme-filled moment, here's a Pingu post.

    Have a good day.

    Noot Noot.
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  9. .. but they're not? not at all.
    someone posted a threat complaining that we needed rights... krysyy addressed it... no where in that thread did they ever say they were taking on bills of rights for anything.... ever. and never will be, as krysyy's messages in that thread obviously stated.
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  10. When the Bill of Memes has a 6x higher approval rating than the Bill of Rights, you know you messed up.
  11. well a bill, by definition, is "a draft of a proposed law presented to parliament for discussion." you need a parliament for a bill to even technically work. but really I'm just here to make fun of the fact that someone thought we had such little rights on a Minecraft server that an internal law needed to be passed. Just my two cents in the drama.
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  12. ah, so a joke?
    then in that case it is kind of annoying to post another thread to clog up things.. but i also agree with JDHallows up there.
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