[UPDATE] Empire Minecraft Rules Re-Write May 2016

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  1. It was recently brought to our attention that some rules may not have been as clear as they were originally meant to be and others needed to be more concise. Therefore, after taking in the comments from players as well as conducting a thorough review of our Rules Pages and all addendum, we have updated the Rules pages in the Wiki.

    Please make sure that you re-read over the Rules as a part of this update to ensure that your understanding remains clear. If you have any questions, then please ask. Not reading these rules is not an excuse for not following them.


    Major Changes
    • 'Our Staff and Our Mission' section. Just an opening bit to better explain where we are coming from with regards to the Rules.
    • Rule #2 regarding illegal mods was updated to better define what is not allowed with regards to Xray abilities as well as auto-clicker limitations.
    • Rule #5 was previously noted as 'Listen to and Obey the Staff'. This is now not included in the list of rules, but instead as part of the opening statement on the rules page. Any Staff directions given are to be followed at all times and are noted as unwritten addendum to the following listed Rules. This was a common sense issue that didn't need a number, but it's still on the page for anyone that chooses not to obey the staff.
    • Rules #6-9 were condensed into the new Rule #5: Keep Chat Family Friendly & Follow all Chat Rules. The Chat Rules addendum now includes the entire list of everything we don't allow.
    • Changed Rule #10 to remove the number and simply note as Additional Server Rules. These rules are things that we need to have written out, but do not have enough detail to warrant having their own number. A few rules in this section have some wording changes to better define limitations that may have caused confusion in the past.
    • Addendum Changes:
      • Auction Rules and Reverse Auction Rules Added to Addendum. We noticed this was only in that forum section and caused issues when a player that was Blacklisted from that forum was unable to see the rules and see where they went wrong.
      • Chat Rules gained all parts from the old Rule #s 6-9.
      • Addition of Mumble Rules and Reporting as outlined in a forum post recently.
      • Minor wording changes here and there on page titles, etc to better define every page as a 'Rule' page rather than a 'Guideline', 'Policy', or 'Regulation' page.
      • Minor cosmetic changes to some of the Rules layouts.
  2. second, boom.

    Edit: Rules Rock and fyi my sister has Aladdin on in the den and the music is bringing me back to the 90's.

    Edit again: The rules are so much more clear cut and to the point. I love the new layout on the rules page.
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  3. Ninth?

    Number order: 1, 2, 3, 9

    edit: Just saw the message in game to read the rules page... when I saw the giant important yellow text my initial thought was "Holy cow! 1.9 IS HERE OMG OMG OMG!" My dreams were crushed when I started reading the big yellow message.
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  4. Being one of the players who criticized the layout of the previous page I really applaud this update. My personal gripe was with the previous 'rule 10': "here are 10 more rules", this is much more concise.

    I am sorry though that I wasn't able to do more than comment, right after I shared my comments my ISP messed up... again.

    But yeah: definitely an improvement IMO! Congrats!
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  5. Always great to improve rules:)
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  6. A lot more clear... Thanks Krysyy :D
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  7. Thanks Krysyy!
  8. Also a noteworthy update: Addendum is Krysyy's new favorite word.
  9. lol, you forgot to put a rule specifically against these:
    Or maybe you didn't. I don't know; I don't actually read the rules. :p
  10. Nice. Hopefully these new rules will improve the current state of the forums, as of now. :)
  11. Wait what are these rules you speak of?
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  12. I think the OP mentioned something about them? I couldn't say, though; I don't really read OP's either.
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  13. It is. You can make a sick beat box with it too. Drum your fingers along etc.

    Also it was the best real word to describe things. My other words were more fun sounding, but no one else would have known what they meant.
  14. Technically forum rules say no spamming, but for something trivial like that if no one reports it, then we don't take action.
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  15. Awesome, Maybe people now will read them as they are on the home page :p
    EDIT: is this considered spamming?(btw, i did not do it on purpose) =