We are losing all the great members

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  1. Ok I know I just posted like 3 threads in the past hour or two but I just need to say that a lot of the great members are leaving. Almost all of them. I know it's not my opinion but who will be next. Just look at the status box now days :(
    This is sad :(
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  2. Me and Nick will never leave EMC :D
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  3. thats only 3 players, lol. people leave all the time and we get new people who are good
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  4. Which is 3 too many.
    Not to mention 3 great members such as themselves.
  5. not to be mean but 3 "great" members leaving doesn't impact EMC as much as everyone over exaggerates, sure it's sad, but in a few months / weeks people won't know the difference..
  6. ... This is one of the few servers I've seen still going after so long. And one of the few servers that has players who've been here for 2+ years...

    You're not doing so bad.

    As Sam said, people DO leave eventually, no one stays forever (except maybe the server owner lol, but even that changes).

    I am concerned that the server will get busy/popular before the grief prevention is released though. It can happen very quickly, going from same stable player base to scores of new players a day. I do hope EMC is ready for that.
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  7. If you're going to treat them as just another statistic, then yeah.
    Thankfully, I won't take that view
  8. I think people are leaving because well... EMC is very stale for some of the older members, it gets boring when you have done so many things. I think ALOT of people have left in the past few months temporarily to wat for D.Tombs which will come out in approx. 2020. Yea Aikar adds alot of new stuff, but alot of people dont want to wait any longer and just don't have the same "rush" they had from playing EMC before.
  9. Thankfully? Glad you are taking the role of the view.
  10. The owner just left recently :(
  11. Look,
    I never consider myself to be 'great' in fact I underestimate myself and put myself down.
    But I can tell you that although we have endings of friendships and members,
    we also have new beginnings of chapters in the ever lasting story of life.
  12. Those were 3 great members but those were not the only ones. Lots and lots are leaving :(
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  13. I'm just not going to accept that a normal response to 3 great members leaving is to think "meh, in a few weeks we'll hardly remember them"
    As a note, Justin hasn't and will never leave us, he's just handing things over to Aikar
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  14. I doubt you remember all the great members that have left or think about them daily.
  15. EMC's greatest writer and the main people behind the SMP4 project?
    Kinda thinking they'll get missed.
  16. Just reiterating myself. As jokingly as I can, as a brick, I've been here a long time, and did go silent for a while, but I came back and stayed.
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  17. 1. Who is the EMC's greatest writer?
    2. Who is behind the SMP4 project?
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  18. Some members are coming back too. lasulin "idk how to spell, the one with the dancing girl as the pic" and soulpunisher is also back.
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  19. Like I said, everything becomes a memory and eventually forgotten. Not saying they won't be missed, but after a while they will be forgotten. Now some people are still remembered and I hate to use these 3 as examples, but everyone will be forgotten at some point.
  20. Soul was banned though