Wastelands Reset Scheduled for May 25th!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, May 14, 2018.

  1. Hopefully haha!
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  2. Do you guys need a countdown? I can set you up a countdown image if that helps. But I think the forums will only query it very occasionally. That's probably the same issue you would run into.
  3. Woah I've never seen you speak even though you were one of the first names I saw on Empire. That image would be pretty cool...
  4. Jack has one coded. He just needs to enable it.
  5. The world is falling apart WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIEEE.....

    Oh it's the wasteland reset we good
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  6. If for some reason #JDbreaksit, will we have a Wacky Wednesday the actual day that the waste resets?
    (aka, will we have wacky thursday(if something happens))

    lets hope #jdbrokeit doesnt happen!
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  7. Yey waste reset can't wait

    We should have a res party! For waste reset

    One question is waste disabled for a few minutes when the reset is going on?
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  8. I've never been on when they reset the Wastelands, but correct me if I am wrong, but isn't it scheduled with the nightly reboot of all of the servers? Or are they reset at a different time? Or not reset at all? xD
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  9. Good bye, Terracotta quarry ... but most of it is gone anyway.

  10. Then you will have a fresh supply of terracotta
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  11. It's reset with a command.
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  12. So you can do it any time cool!
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  13. Of course! Krysyy already mentioned elsewhere in this thread that the reset would happen after the event.

    I can actually imagine it now: maybe she'll trick ask the event participants to help break down the EMC outpost(s) to make it easier on the Senior Staff. Of course while keeping the "no pickup" flag in place so that players don't get any direct unfair merits from their forced labor valued assistance with the wasteland reset :D

    Oh dear, I feel evilish now, my imagination is probably getting the best of me again :)
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  14. Fresh supplies of elytra after wastelands end resets... awwww yea.
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  15. cant wait to see new wastes, cleared out he mineing base i made when the wastes first came here ;)
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  16. am too #hype :p
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  17. Should it be
    Instead of this?
    You can convey a lot of info right there into a single sentence, and since it's not definitive
    I saved you a line ;)
  18. Never underestimate the power of clickbait. If I gave you all info in the first line, there would be no reason for you to read the post.
  19. The purpose is to have some idea of when the reset is planned for. You can be pretty much certain your stuff is safe until that date, so you know how long you have to move things out before you risk losing it.
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