Wastelands Reset Scheduled for May 25th!

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  1. Wastelands Reset COMPLETE!
    This reset does NOT include the Frontier or Town.
    Please disassemble any structures you have in the WASTELANDS (wilderness AND nether) INCLUDING LOCKED CHESTS and move the materials and yourself to town ASAP. There will be an in-game announcement about this as well.

    Tentative Date: May 25th, 2018
    (not saying definitive because something is bound to go wrong if we do)

    Time: Late night EMC time.

    The wastelands are never meant for any permanent structures and are intended to be a mining and resource gathering land. They are generally reset once every 3 months, or alongside a version update, in order to allow for fresh lands to be generated for new blocks to be available.

    Working countdown will be up hopefully soon.

  2. Surprise: New Wastelands Outpost Design! (while keeping our signature half-sphere)
    Fun Features:
    -Hologram/water portals that WORK :p
    -Fancy water catchers that auto-populate at floor level
    -Automatic tree clearance and nether fortress clearance!
    -Cardinal direction letters (see where you are aiming at a glance)
    -and many more!
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  3. That's what I'm talking about~! Any chance just holding the reset until 1.13 comes out/ 1.13 is brought to EMC?

    EDIT: Now on second though... It could be months until EMC updates to 1.13.. right?
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  4. Will wastes reset with 1.13 also?
  5. Yes. Always with version updates that have mobs, biomes, etc changes.
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  6. Ok thanks
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  7. Yay, shulker hunting season begins soon!
  8. w00t, I'm already excited. I consider this a delayed birthday gift (20th of May is my birthday) so 3 days after: new waste, new adventures and new stuff to do! #excited :cool:

    Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well :)
  9. We're resetting this round because we really don't know when the update is coming. Then, once it is out, it's gonna be a bit before we can update to it.

    That and there is a pending issue with the current designs that I noticed through stalking research that is a frequent problem with newbies. So not only is this a reset, it's also a design update!
  10. Cool. See you in a year!
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  11. hmm.. Guess I gotta get out and mine before it's all gone.
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  12. wow. good one.
  13. I know, so original it hurts
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  14. Quak! -finds reset button-
  15. Lol I want to go grab a dirt block from the wastelands and treasure it before the reset.
  16. That would be cool if someone had a piece of dirt from each wastelands reset... too bad someone hadn't thought about it till now :p
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  17. #ExcitedToMine
    Who else is? :D
  18. That would be cool! Haha we should all do that :p
    Edit: But then it wouldn't be worth a lot if everyone did :p
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  19. No, it wouldn't be worth much now, but in the future... :eek: Riches beyond imagination.