Wastelands Reset - 2/29/2016

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  1. Hello.
    At this time, if you've payed attention to the recent in-game messages on EMC, there's a bold red message stating that the wastelands will reset on Monday, February 29 (yet it's not mentioned in this link it displays) which happens to also be Mojang's new aimed release date for Minecraft 1.9 - The Combat Update.

    As the Staff have stated, the wastelands reset has been cancelled. It'll now happen upon or shortly after launch of EMC 1.9.

    I just wanted to say that I think it's very unlikely, if not impossible, for EMC to update to the new Minecraft version the exact same date. From what I know, Spigot, one of EMC's base plug-ins, hasn't released a build for 1.9. Our sever developers have to wait for its release before they can work on updating EMC. So, I suggest not getting hopes up for this Monday.

    At the time of this post, it has only been under an hour since I first noticed the in-game reset message. Therefore, I don't know how everything is going to go. Only the people of EMC's Staff can inform us which they'll probably do when they're ready to do so.

    In short, I think MC 1.9 and EMC Wastelands Reset and EMC 1.9 will not all happen on the same date.
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  2. I thought the same thing when I saw the message... and I agree with you that it will not be on monday :(
  3. I'll state right now we aren't updating to 1.9 on Leap Day. Unless our devs hacked Spigot and got the release early, which I'm pretty sure didn't happen because I'm pretty sure Spigot doesn't have anything close to complete yet.

    We chose Leap Day for a Wastelands Reset first. Been on the calendar and everything. Mojang is trying to steal our thunder (jkjk) :p
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  4. Thank you for telling us!

    Everything about 1.9 will come eventually to EMC. Although, I'm expecting a shorter wait than for 1.8 last year.:rolleyes:

    Mojang --> Spigot --> EMC
  5. Who's going to court to sue them then?
  6. 1.9 has a lot less background stuff to worry about so I'd imagine you're right :)
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  7. What are we going to do about the end though?
  8. We'll decide once 1.9 is officially released and we get the chance to work through the change list, then I'll let you know. I think I've said that in 5+ different places now :rolleyes:
  9. Any idea what time of day the reset will take place? Just asking.
  10. The waste reset is on leap day
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  12. Well the wastelands are not really used up, so why not just wait and let spigot and emc fix all the bugs then when released update the wild....
  13. TECHNICALLY speaking, the wastelands won't be resetting ON Leap Day, per my discussion with Aikar yesterday. We're giving this notice ahead of time for those that need to get items out, as a deadline. The actual reset will occur with a day notice in the coming days after 1.9 because we'll be going 1.9 with it :D. Turns out the time spent waiting will be less than a normal reset period so we are delaying them to happen together. I'm updating the announcements to reflect this.
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  14. how is the end going to work?
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  16. I want to make sure I'm reading this correctly ;)

    We are updating to 1.9 + wasteland reset soon after 1.9 official release?
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  17. That is the plan, yes.
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  18. immediately after (given stable), just as we always do.
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  19. Only update I was here for was the 1.8 update :p And given all the problems that update caused I thought that was the norm :D
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