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  1. So today, I thought I'd give mining a try since its been so long since I've done that. I thought ever since I got into massive farms that I've evolved from farming n blah blah but I was bored. I wanted to do this experiment to see if mining is a feasible way of income for newer player/not as rich players. Like is it still possible for someone who doesn't have a farm/mall to make it in the EMC world. So I did this experiment for exactly, 1 Hour 27 minutes in Wasteland North East Smp8. This does include the time I went to pick my spot to mine as well. With A silk Touch pickaxe and fortune III pickaxe. The picture above shows the spoils of the short experiment.

    So let me break it down for you.

    Coal Blocks = 45r per
    Lapis Blocks = 92r Per
    Redstone Block = 28r Per
    Gold Ore = 13r Per
    Iron Ore = 3r per
    Diamonds = 122r per (i did Ore buster the 11 diamond ore into 40 diamonds but with fortune three, you should atleast get 2/3 of the amount so not much less)

    After totaling all that in my inv for just that hour and 27 minutes, thats 17,581 Rupees, (16,800ish without ore buster on diamonds). If you did that for 7 days for the same time each day, thats 123,067 R. If you repeated the same process for 30 days, thats 492,000 Rupees. For just less than 2 hours a day... You can be in the top 25% of the community within one month.

    For starters you may say, we don't have such fancy pickaxes. Well they aren't expensive either to get. Vote for like 4 days or Chop a quick 2 DC of Oak Logs and you can obtain both of these pickaxes rather quickly.

    Getting rich isn't something that takes a smart trick to do. Just dedication. This has been another great time on the Empire. See you all for next Experiment.

    Edit: Fun Fact!: If you literally were dedicated enough to devote 2 hours a day to this experiment for 12 months. You would earn 5,904,000 Rupees. Thats already getting into the 5-7% Range.

    Edit Again: Gawadrolt pointed out an obvious correction in the math. It is very late for me and I am not thinking too clear on that part. The math has been readjusted to fit the experiment.
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  2. Bravo!
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  3. ehrm... for 30 days its a little over half a mil. otherwise, mining is a great way for new players to make money and you will make enough to get those picks MUCH faster from mining then from cutting 2 dcs of oak logs... which will take forever.

    Also, it has a bit to do with luck as well. if you aren't experienced with mining I would expect to earn about 2-4k an hour with those picks. after the first 2-3 hours you will probably quickly pick up on things that slow you down and make around 3-5k an hour. after getting a bit of experience and that is depending on how many and how long your breaks are inbetween those trips you can quickly increase that to average a good 7-9k an hour. expecting to get 17k from an hour and a half trip will leave you upset about 98% of the time.

    source- over 500 hours of mining for profit of which over 100 of those hours was in competition of sorts.
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  4. Yes, but no. You need to test this multiple times to get accurate results
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  5. Recalculate your math on your 30 days. 123,000 x 30 does not equate to 500,000 approx. A double chest of oak logs doesn't take forever either. I've chopped many DC's in my time on EMC. Should take no more than 35-45 minutes per Double Chest. Yes the mining is based on luck but if you pick a fresh area each time you go mining, it shouldn't be too difficult to replicate the same results + do better each time if you have better chances with diamonds. Remember to keep in mind that this is only 1 hour and 27 minutes a day. Some people mine for far longer than that per day and do it for multiple days. So they can account for the same time as it would take for a month in this experiment in just a week. You will obtain enough experience from mining to keep your tools fixed and never stumped on having low durability tools. This experiment was done to disprove the commoner discussion that only those who catch the tide can get rich. Anyone can do it.
  6. 123k was the 7 days not the 1 day...

    ... no

    a new player will not have access to unlimited wood in a small area. they will have to plant trees, chase the trees from ground to top and replant and so on. they will not get a DC in 35-45 minutes. unless you already have a tree farm set up and its pretty decent AND you have an op ax you aren't even coming close to that.
  7. oh I see what you meant on that math part. Its 1:18 AM for me. I might not be thinking far too clearly on the math but if you see, its 500k a person did not have prior to sitting in town. This has been now corrected if you take another look at the page to fit the newer percentages.

    As for your second '... no' , thats not very constructive as a response. Maybe you get a little distracted when you are chopping trees/responding to PM's or people in town. I use an efficiency IV axe which is obviously superior to what a starter would have but getting a diamond axe on your first 5 mins of EMC isn't hard and you can chop quite the amount of trees to buy another axe in time and maybe a few enchanting bottles to get experience to enchant it.
  8. I'm pretty sure I edited in the last paragraph before you responded... perhaps I'm not the only one that gets distracted? :p
  9. Don't want to double post myself but I see that you edited your response here to counter quote my quote? A user doesn't need to chop trees on their residence to obtain a DC. There are 'natural' tree farms in the wastelands. Its called FOREST.
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  10. If 1 day is 17,581, and 7 days is 123,067r, then 30 days is 527,430r. You'd have a million rupees in 57 days. A year's worth would be 6.4 million rupees, if I am correct.
    EDIT: Someone beat me to it :)
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  11. I feel so ninja tonight. You aren't going to get a dc of logs in an hour running around the wastelands with a wooden axe. just register on the forums and go get a pick. I don't know how this even got this far.

    edit: or an iron starter axe. do you get those? I don't even know anymore. I'm gonna go back over there.
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  12. Yes precisely. Should encourage more people to go mining, especially new players. How many people can you count on EMC whose play time is 70 or below with already million + in rupees/assets. This doesn't include alts. (question not pointed at you toto xD just giving a statement for others to read)
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  13. Me?
  14. Thanks Roslyn for the experiment and all above for comments.

    I think the discussion of what is achievable by mining should exclude speculations about knowledge / experience, because if one lacks that, then one has to obtain it and this costs something. In other words, if an inexperienced player mines less per hour, but gains knowledge / experience, then the value of that gain should be added to the value of collected materials.

    Regarding woods, we are like 2 weeks from reset and there are still plenty of forests just around waste outposts. DC of logs takes around 1/2 hour to chop and sells for around 10k.

    Currently, 20k per hour * $100 / 1,700k ≈ $1.18 per hour which is, IMO, not much but is somewhere within acceptable order of magnitude. I make this calculation solely to have an idea about how many people might be tempted to buy rupees on the website.
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  15. So, I have been having a lot of experience with new players, and when they get to a new server, they always want to get free items/money. Now there is this one new player that just sits around, doing almost nothing. So once in chat, he was whining about how people aren't kind on this server, so I gave him 1k rupees just to shut him up. He then friendedme, and started harrassing me for free rupees every time I'm online. The biggest amount he begged for is 30k, where he wanted to get an avalauncher without spending anything. So then I told him that I earned my 100+k rupees, and that I didnt get that by begging. He then started shouting at me that how he work and never earn anything, and when I asked him what he does, and he said that he helped build his friend's shop. I then asked him how much he got paid, and he says that he got paid 10kr, and apparently he spent it all in under 10 minutes. So I told him that he needs to save up, and he then had a big tantrum about how I' m saying that because I got mountains of money behind me. Sothen I had enough with him and nfriended and ignored him. So the thing with new players are that they do not have enough dedication to do something for a long time, and when they do get money, they spend it all without much planning, and when they really need the money, the only thing they can do is beg for huge amounts in town chat, which no one will answer.
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  16. No, just no. Some new players do this but not all.
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  17. I truly have no patience for mining :p, but for newer players, yes, this is the way to go ;)
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  18. I like this experiment. Since I've started on emc I've always been the kind of person that would rather go out and collect materials myself rather than buy them. Obviously, there are times I've bought it (the tons of Quartz on my first res), but I mostly like the feeling of being able to supply myself. Like many others, it annoys me to be begged for things by people who aren't willing to work for it. The only time I give "handouts" is when the person is clearly looking for a job to earn what they need and there are none available. Anyway, I'm glad you pointed this out Jay, because it's not hard. I've done it since I started and I had only been on minecraft a month before I joined here.
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  19. This is a great idea, but where would you sell these materials? Most stores only offer "buy".
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  20. A lot of your larger malls have both buy and sell. I'm sure you can find somewhere to sell them with /v +mall or /v +shop.
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