Wastelands Experience today!

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  1. Hello EMC!
    There are many people that are curious about Wastelands. What is it like?
    As you may already know, you can already get Wastelands experience any time you choose.
    Here is a special opportunity:

    The Quartz Express'
    Wastelands Experience

    Jump on a fast train and get there in 5-6 minutes!

    You will get a permanent ticket for safe transport to newly generated land and back to the town:
    * Instructions with coordinates (Recommended: -> Rei's Minimap)
    * Admission to Smp7 Quartz Express (unlimited)
    * Access to a special "Wastelands Experience" railway track
    * Access to the outpost with Ender chest and free food (fair use)
    * At least 1500 blocks of not yet generated chunks in every direction
    * Freshly prepared diamond mine with current capacity of over 150 virgin mine shafts (fair use!)

    * Guided tour (optional)

    Prices (one-time payment to M4nic_M1ner - for 24/7 lifetime use!):
    * You are paying for the use of the railway, the outpost and the diamond mine!
    Admission fee: 600r (includes 400r admission to SMP7 Quartz Express)
    For existing Quartz-Express customers: 175r
    Guided tour: 100r (pay this directly to your guide!)

    The basic rules are the same as -> Quartz Express rules, please read them!

    Specific rules are -> Below the pictures, please read them!

    Guided tours will be available through the weekend for groups of 4-10 persons.
    Guides are Silken_thread and me.

    Booking: please send me a PM over the forum or contact me or Silken_Thread in the game.
  2. The basics and rules are the same as for -> Quartz Express rules, please read them!

    * Recommended: use Rei's Minmap to make way points -> Guide
    * Get to the SMP7 Quartz Express Station ____ at Z = _____
    * open the secret passage at X = _____, Y = __, Z = ______ precisely!
    * alway close after passing!
    * go through the portal at the end station, you arrive at the outpost
    * the outpost coordinates are X = ______, Y = __, Z = _______

    To use the diamond mine: Fair use!

    The mine shafts are marked with torches above them.
    1) choose 2 unused adjacent shafts. Do NOT touch other shafts.
    2) mark the left shaft as used - block it with one block at the entrance or place a sign
    3) start with the right shaft, dig inside, then mark it as used in the same way
    4) dig straight ahead (skipping lava / caves etc.) until your inv (+ender chest) is half full
    5) dig 4 blocks to the left and then to the left again to get to your second shaft
    6) dig back until you are at the start again
    7) use the portal in the mine to get to the railway station directly

    There are shafts at 3 levels: 11, 8 and 5.
    Level 14 will be added as well, so we will have over 200 shafts, ready for over 100 mining trips.

    Good luck!
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  3. You sir. Know how to make money.
    Just not from me :p cause i like to do my own thing when mining. That and when i mine i leave literally nothing behind.....not even the coal is spared.
  4. Wait the wastelands are out? Of course I miss them...
  5. No the wastelands are not out, this is an experience that the wastelands will bring when they arrive.
    This a demonstration of what it would be like, there is also opportunity here for ppl discover items not yet found such as temples, extream hills all fresh and untouched here in the wild. Pretty much what you will have when the wastelands arrive.

    We have prepared a mine with 3 - 4 levels all ready to be mined out next to crevasse and abandoned mine
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  6. So basically your charging people 700 rupees to walk in the wild?
  7. No.
    The price is for safe and fast transport and use of specially prepared outpost and diamond mine.

    400r for the Quartz Express admission - fast safe transport to the target area
    150r for the additional "Wastelads Experiance" railway - fast and safe
    50r for prepared outpost with ender chest and food

    100r for guided tour - optional

    EDIT: if anyone think this is expensive ... it is not.
    Experienced player make 600r in 10 minutes.
    This railway saves you at least 1/2 hour - with every use.
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  8. But the wastelands experience is just the wild.
  9. Why do ppl always look at this in such a negative way, We have prepared a way for ppl to reach an un-mined area easy to get to place deep in the wild. We have used many resources to do this at great expense should we not try and re-coop some of out rupees. If ppl choose not to use it then ok but pls don't complain that we are making a charge for this and posting negative comments about it.
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  10. I'm just trying to understand what this is!
  11. Yknow, Jacob, you are critical of everything that doesn't perfectly fit your version of EMC. coughironcoughfarmscough.
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  12. Amen! I'm not associated with the QE in any way, but if you've ever tried making a 7,000 block long railway... in the Nether... you *know* it's a major pain in the... tuckus. If you haven't... try it :D

    I've been there, done that, and personally I think M4nic and Silken's idea and efforts in doing this are both brilliant and extremely helpful... trying to convince someone *not* to charge for something like this would be... well... Communist. :D

    Personally I say, great job! If I hadn't built my own little route I'd probably get in on this :)
  13. I'll put it as bluntly as I can: It's a crazy bloody long *safe* railway that extends into as-yet-uncharted areas of the Nether and the Overworld wilderness; six thousand blocks in the Nether brings you 48,000 blocks away in the Overworld. Here you will not find (as many) creeper craters, shattered deserts, and/or utterly pillaged mines. You can perhaps find a jungle and get some circle stone. Moreover, it's the result of the efforts of M4nic and Silken, for which they have every right to charge (at least in my opinion -- refer to my last post) :D
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  14. I'd appreciate it if you'd stop saying things like the and bullying me, because that's honestly what your doing.
    I dug out most of the smo1 quartz express, so I know how it feels.
  15. Guys, this sounds like an epic project. I haven't had a lot of time to improve on my own road. Having someone dedicated to keeping the tracks safe and grief free is a big win for the community. Personally I don't think it's much to ask for the service.

    I would like to plan a trip this weekend. I don't yet know when I will have time, but in addition to myself, I will sponsor another interested player or a portion of a group to make the trip with me. I am looking for someone who wants to explore with other players as a team. They should also be reasonably able to type so we can communicate. I would also expect them to be able to use a map in case they need to go back to town on their own.
    If anyone fits this general description will silken or m4nic please message me and we will try to organize a more concrete time.

    If some other situation comes up, I will consider anything that advances this project.

    Thanks again for the hard work.
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  16. But you seem to feel we should not charge for the serves, and by your negative statement above you put other players off from using it, I don't think anyone is bullying you. They are just stating that we have a right to charge for the serves we are offering,in response to your semi complaint of us charging.
  17. May I also suggest to players to install Rei's Minimap I have made a video showing how to do the install this is the link

    I made this video specifically for players on EMC so it would be nice if ppl comment on the video and click the button if they use it.
  18. As I previously stated I was TRYING TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IT WAS. I never said you shouldn't charge for it.
  19. for some reason, this reminds me of fallout
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