Was Hitler a Leader?

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Was Hitler a leader?

yes 67 vote(s) 84.8%
no 10 vote(s) 12.7%
Who's Hitler? 2 vote(s) 2.5%
  1. Hello Empire!

    At school, my grade just finished up a Holocaust chapter in Literature. A few months ago, my teacher had us do a debate on: Was Hitler a leader? Well, I am introducing this debate to EMC because I feel it would be a good debate since many emcers are very intelligent. I'm sorry if this topic is personal to you or you feel as if this is an inappropriate debate.

    Information for people who don't know who Hitler is: Hitler was in charge of Germany in WWII (World War two). He had a strong hatred for Jews and wanted to make Germany perfect by killing people who he considered "aliens". He started the bloodiest war in the world.

    Keep in mind when you are arguing, that this is about if Hitler was a leader, not a good leader.

    I believe Hitler was a leader, he just used his power in a greedy, vicious way. He could have made Germany powerful in a different way.

    I hope this is a good debate....If it is too inappropriate, feel free to close this an I'll try to suggest a new one :)
  2. *Everyone sits watching for someone to make the first poll answer*
    *Everyone copies first poll answer* <.< >.>
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  3. Not sure why he wouldn't be qualified as a leader
  4. Well, this is a hard one...

    Was Hitler a leader? It seems to me like yes. He led an army of hundreds of thousands of people to kill innocent people for no apparent reason. That must have something to do with him being a leader. Although it depends how you define leader.

    If you define a leader as someone who is convincing and is able to take charge, then yes, Hitler was a leader. If you define a leader as anything except that, then no, he is not.
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  5. He did have a reason, a stupid one, but a reason nonetheless.
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  6. Weren't we just talking about this? Well, for starters Hitler loved a Jewish Girl in school. He then tried asking her on a date, she said no. 2. Hitler only had one (Fill in the black) He lost the other in WWI. 3. In 1914, a British soldier spared another German soldiers life. The german soldier, Adolf. Just some facts.
    4. He had a rare disease that gave him chronic flatulence.
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  7. Dictionary definition of leader: the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.

    Did Hitler command a group, organization or country? Yes, he did, he was a leader. The way he got into power was actually very clever, I've studied it in history for almost two years, but what he did after he got into power was not as clever as you all know, and cost the world in such a way that it in fact shaped the way in which we all live today.
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  8. to add on, Hitler actually killed them because he thought, and he heavily believed that they were the reason for the economic strife happening in Germany at the time, when really, it was the fact that Germany lost WWI.
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  9. Was the guy who took advantage of many situations that brought the Weimar Republic to its knees, got millions of people to support him and his hatred of minority races, conquered most of Europe, started an empire, faced the most powerful nations on Earth (the Soviet Union, the United States, the United Kingdom and its entire empire), destroyed an empire *cough* the British Empire, pretty much the most powerful and largest empire to exist in the history of mankind *cough* (although, it kind of still exists in some ways), and would have won his war if he didn't make a fatal mistake (sending his troops into Soviet territory who basically bled his army out up there)?

    Yeah, I'd like to think he was a leader.

    He didn't genuinely believe that - he just wanted a group of people to blame the economic crisis the Weimar Republic had gotten itself into, and it worked.

    P.S Hitler gets brownie points off me for recognizing my city's strategic importance, and his desire to use it as a military training area. Brownie points are lost because he was that big of an idiot he thought he could conquer the UK (which has never happened ;)) and Russia...

    TL;DR: Yes, Hitler was a leader - and a very clever man. I'd look up to him if he didn't do the bad things that he did.
  10. Unlike every religion and politics thread ever... please try to keep this one on track guys >_>

    Imo, yes, I guess he technically was a leader. Shouldn't have been though.
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  11. I have one thing to add. He didn't learn from past leaders about conquering Russia. (Napoleon, the Mongols) His army froze to death, and his officers chickened out.
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  12. (its on track =P)
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  13. I believe that it was 1918, not 1914 (September the 28th 1918 as far as I recall), but you bring up a good point - Adolf was wounded in battle on that day and whilst retreating, Private Henry Tandey had a shot lined up on him, but decided to spare Adolf and let him go. It is said that Adolf nodded to the soldier and carried on retreating.

    It's also said that in the 30's, Adolf actually had a print of a painting of the man that nearly shot him carrying a wounded man at the battle of Ypres.

    I'm not sure how much of all of it is true, and I'm sure a lot of it is just speculation, but that's what my sources have told me :p
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  14. If he never lead Germany, many of us wouldn't be here today :p

    Example: He and Mussolini gave Spain a little push towards civil war (the Republican movement won, and Spain was under a dictatorship until the 1970s, when its monarchy was restored), and it caused millions of Spaniards to flee the country - among those millions of people were my great grandparents who fled to England. My great granddad died in France in the January after war broke out, a few weeks after my granddad was born :p

    We also wouldn't have computers if it weren't for WWII :c
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  15. I answered Who's Hitler, because its funny.
  16. You ruineded the poll! D:
    Jk, I probably would've too. =P
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  17. Of course Hitler was a leader. He was a Nazi leader. He was not supporting a good cause by killing a ton of Jews, but just because someone doesn't lead a good cause does not make them a leader.
  18. Hitler was definitely a leader, but a leader with bad intentions. He not only planned to pull Germany out of debt, but to conquer the world. Fortunately, he failed but impacted the world greatly, but negatively.
  19. I would go one step further and make the argument that he wrote the textbook on practical politics for leaders. The guy was a genius in rallying support not only for himself but for his causes as well. Some of it was driven by fear, but he did not rule in that manner for the most part. A lot of people in Germany at the time truly believed what he viewed as being the truth.

    Keep in mind that the Treaty of Versailles devasated the country in every form imaginable. Their calamity was so severe that the Great Depression was a breath of fresh air in comparison. These circumstances were perfect for Hitler's rise in Germany and for setting up Jews as the scapegoat for their problems.
  20. this is a serious topic so far....