(wanted) a bounty on Player Heads... pirate conscription

Discussion in 'Buying' started by Raaynn, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. Become a Part of a new Project!

    Looking to create a new build... but need heads! Prrferably bearded or heads with cowls... anything that looks like a pirate... roman... egyptian... slave... whatever.

    BOUNTY of up to 1000 rupees.per head....!

    Want to sell yours for extra cash? Or get rid of some dups sitting in your chests? Just send me a PM!

    Thanks for collaborating.
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  2. hey i have some heads
  3. Great. Can you pm me with info. Tx
  4. I have a knight head
  5. That works for sure! Ill pm you
  6. i have an alt that i can use to get some heads for you :)
    just pm me with the skin you want

    edit: i have 2 alts so you can send 2 skins (i plan to rename both afterwards anyway)
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  7. Want a Harley Quinn Head?
  8. I want a harley quin head
  9. Bump :)

    Anyone know a shop with player heads for sale? n Thanks to all those who have helped so far, really appreciated.
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  11. Heads will roll!!

    still need more.... anyone with bearded players?
  12. I have a chest of random heads at my shop for 500r each. Feel free to buy any that will suit your purpose. Top floor at /v 18185
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  13. That was excellent Bit, bought a bunch.

    Still want more... Anyone else selling at their shop??
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  14. Thank you very much - cant wait to see the finished build!
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  15. i am selling heads at my shop
  16. Excelent. Tx
  17. Want a knight head?
  18. Yes please! let me know where.