Wait, who am I?

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  1. Seriously... Who am I? And where do I come from... :confused:


    Can someone explain this weirdness to me?
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  2. Welcome to the Empire Minecraft! :D
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  3. It's a dangerous place...
  4. (sorry guys but.. yah)

    Dear Mr. Gobble,

    I'm sorry to confront you in a semi-offtopic way like this but I have both good and sad news to share. The good news is that we found your long-lost cousin in the Nether. He was taking a bath in the huge lava pools surrounding the outpost and the helpful nether staff of EMC have managed to locate him:

    The obviously disguised staff members have located and secured your cousin

    The bad news though is that your cousin suffered from infurispeedoritus. He was permanently on fire and also ran around waaay too quickly. As such we had to put him out of his misery because he was obviously not feeling too well...

    Here my assistant AyanamiKun is treating your cousin

    I understand that this is sad and shocking news but I'm sure he didn't feel a thing. It only took approx. 248 "medical procedures" to help him with his decease and we're sure he didn't suffer ... too much :D

    In his 24 feathery remains we found a diamond and a will in which he requested his treasure to be given to his next of kin. I think that's you, so those will be sent to you asap. We're sorry for your loss.
    What weirdness? Me talking to a super turkey, I'd say this is business as usual :D

    En welkom op Empire Minecraft, een van de beste Minecraft servers die je maar kan vinden! :)

    (I'll translate soon enough) :)
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  5. I don't know who you are, but you're absolutely not an alt of TomvanWijnen :D
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  6. I hope I'm not affected by all these people that seem so similar to me...
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  7. Dear Mr. Wijnen2,

    Some people may call you an ALT soon enough but don't let this get you down. Us ALT's have rights too!

    I call for #altpower :D
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  8. Huh. What are you talking about?
  9. Their names look so much like mine. Maybe I should claim them, after all, they have numbers, and I don't... Hmm...
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  10. I'm sorry, but you don't exist. The reason that you don't know who you are is because you're not really here, you're not reading this right now because I'm not posting this right now, because you don't exist and neither does this thread. Soon you should stop existing in the world of not existing, but you won't start existing you will continue to not exist, but not in the world of not existing. If you don't understand this it's because you don't exist. Anyone reading this does not exist. I don't exist and the world is not real. The universe is just nothing that thinks it is not nothing. cheese
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  11. wow.
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  12. Great explanation!

    Cheese/10 :p
  13. Another spam thread >_>
  14. Welcome to the Empire Minecraft Tomvanwijnen3. I'm sure you should met TomvanWijnen and TomvanWijnen2 aswell, they're nice :)
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  15. I'm Jean Valjean
  16. Aww, thanks for saying I'm nice :)
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  17. I knew I recognised the name....

    ...Welcome to the Empire?
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  18. Thanks! :)
  19. I propose a declaration of alts rights! There is no reason for us to be considered second class denizens of the EMC server, whether in game or on the forums. We are all created equally. I will be creating a petition to appeal to the senses of the community of EMC. We must treat all fairly. It is 2015 after all. Even robots are getting treated with some level of respect in that horrible movie that came out two days ago... or so I have been told, couldn't possibly be bothered to see it :D
  20. Here, here! I support the Declaration of alts rights and will do my duty to spread the love of alts far and wide. May we all be united as equals in this digital playground of ones and zeros.

    Welcome to EMC MR. 3! May your arrival be praised as the birth of the savior of the alts. I will furnish you with gifts fit for a king. A star is among us :D lol.
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