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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by BenMA, May 2, 2020.

  1. I don't know where else to post this. So I'll do it in miscellaneous.

    Recently, I noticed votes going through at odd hours, before I'm even awake. Some even go through while I'm playing, and I'm not browsing the forums.

    I'm only creating to this thread, to let the person doing this, know that it's not funny, and that I'd like them to stop. It is messing up my voting, making it hard for me to maintain a constant streak. I'm trying to support the empire while maintaining my rewards.

    Please, stop voting for me.
  2. I can appreciate this post. I, too, have previously had people vote for me unbeknownst to me, thus it messing up the timing for me (when I tried voting regularly, lol). While I was not the one to ever vote for you, I am sorry that it is happening, as I know how frustrating it can be. :(
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  3. I didn't see the problem at first, but indeed, extra votes can cause you to miss streak increases. Fortunately they can't cause you to completely lose your streak (nothing can anymore), but it's still quite an inconvenience. I hope the person 'helping you out' realises the problem, and stops voting on your behalf!
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  4. On the off chance that this explains anything... If you share wi-fi with someone, then you can't vote on that site again until the timer cools off. Only one public IP address is allowed to vote on the voter perks sites. So if you share your service with someone else who plays, like at a library or even apartments, then you may have to use your cell service to vote so that you have another "computer" voting. I wish that it used your username and not the internet, but I get that they are trying to prevent people from abusing the voting rewards, but still ...

    If this isn't the issue and you are receiving your rupees for those votes, then nevermind. Any chance someone has a similar username and messed up their voting?
  5. Messing up your username once is understandable. It’s happened several times now, I don’t think it’s a typing error on their behalf.
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  6. To be fair, if it happened once, it is likely to happen again, as most voting sites support autocomplete. :)
    I also think it's more likely someone does it on purpose, though.
  7. I’m going to “bump” this because the problem is still occurring. Someone voted for me at 03:17 this morning. I was not up at this time, nor would I need to be. Either the person doing this is banned, and does not care, or they have not seen this thread.

    Once again, I’m not mad. I just want whoever is doing this to stop.

    Thank you
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  8. For whoever is doing this to BenMA's account, please stop. While you may think you are helping them, the timing of the streaks actually means you are hurting them. I know that it's not the intention of anyone in this community to hurt another player ever, so please stop as you have been asked to.
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  9. 3 more votes last night/this morning. 2 at midnight, and one at 07:30 again. Meaning I can not vote today, again. I'm in contact with the voting sites now. I'm asking that whoever does this, stops. I can vote for myself, and I will.

    I'm not trying to sound ungreatful, I simply want to vote for myself. Again, I'm not mad, I just want you to stop.

    Thank you
  10. Sorry that's happening. I would not like it as well. It's not the easiest thing to get 2 increases a day, I know. Hopefully it stops or the website can somehow help.
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  11. their dedication is impressive ngl
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  12. I wonder if there's a way to ask the voting websites if they can help with this investigation of the fraudulent use of their systems?
  13. I wonder that as well, so that's why I'm looking forward to a response about this from Ben. :)
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  14. I'm waiting to hear back from them. I will not disclose their response publicly, as it may be private information.
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  15. 🎊

    Glad to hear things are going well on your side. :)
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