Voter's Silk Touch Pickaxe

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Is this a good idea?

Yes, I think it's a great idea! 22 vote(s) 66.7%
No, I think that is overpowered, even if it's rewarded at vote bonus 300. 9 vote(s) 27.3%
No. I don't like that (state your reason in a reply) 2 vote(s) 6.1%
  1. I think there should be a voter's silk touch pickaxe. This would be rewarded at vote bonus 300, along with the voter's fishing rod (because both of those items would be OP, it should also be difficult to get). Let me know what you, the reader, think about this (or just answer the poll)!
  2. oops I forgot to allow the votes to be displayed publicly.....
  3. I like the idea but should be maybe a little higher just because of how useful it would become.
  4. I also love the idea but a TON of new voting items just got released. Personally, I believe what we have now is enough.
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  5. The idea is great, but perhaps add the Silk Touch pickaxe as a higher reward instead of adding more the
    300th day.
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  6. I agree. I would love to see a Voter's Pickaxe with Silk Touch on it. 300 would be a good number to put it at. So I vote yes on this. :)
  7. Okay, I'll ask one question. Anyone, please answer this question for me, but don't say any more. Is there a voter's fishing rod?
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  8. yep
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  9. Type: Tool
    Released: July 20, 2014
    Update: Promotional
    Obtained by: Vote Streak 300
    Attributes: Soulbound, Final, Unbreakable, Voting Reward
    Enchantments: Luck III, Lure III
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  10. Gonna say no, for a couple reasons.
    • Unbreakable / Soulbound tools are a huge advantage in Minecraft. With no wear and no risk of losing them on death, they're really the last tools you'll ever need. Which means even less use for all the diamonds you've been piling up in the meantime.
    • Need to leave something to be acquired through regular gameplay. You've got to consider, as time goes on more and more people will be getting these tools. That means fewer reasons to use Anvils, Enchanted Books, Enchantment Tables, less XP being burned, fewer diamonds used... it cuts out a big chunk of standard Minecraft.
  11. Okay, I'm not going to be all angry about this, but this was exactly what I not wanted. The only thing I asked was if a voter's rod existed. I explicitly stated that I would rather not have any more information about it. Lukas told me the answer, and I was very happy with that. Then you copied a part of the wiki. I was shocked, but in a glance (I read fast) I saw when you get it. No great surprise feeling for me any more :(
  12. My apologies. It's my natural way of answering on a question like that; as helpful as possible - yet I can see it was spoiling it...
  13. I agree but you must take into account that most voters tools are not god ones. None will have Efficiency 5 and this will make me still use my efficiency 5 picks to get loads of stone with haste 2 since it be insta will reduce use of most tools but people will still use the regular tools too.
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  14. There's already too many OP tools/armor/weapons..
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  15. People's views on what "OP" is varies. Most of the voter's tools/weapons/armor are not even close to the top of the line. I mean sure, they can never break and you never lose them. However, the voter's armor is leather and hardly gives extra protection bonuses. So the armor is fairly balanced in that respect. The tools are iron and diamond and never break and you never lose them, however, their enchantments are low except the fishing rod (But even the fishing rod has a voting bonus of 300 which is insane). So having a pickaxe that is iron or diamond with just silk-touch on it and soulbound and unbreaking on it would be fair. Perhaps it would have efficiency 1 or 2 on it as well. It would also be fair in the fact that it would be achieved at around 300. So a lot of people wont get it for quite some time and only the most devoted of voters can achieve it. So I think that the silk-touch pickaxe would be fine to add as a voter bonus. I would suggest they put it at 300 or more to balance the fact that it has silk-touch.
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  16. Good Point.
  17. But the tool and armor balance is such that if you want any high level enchants (fortune, silk touch, efficiency), or higher level protection (leather armor, lower level protection), then you will utilize your own gear instead.

    I have my voters items, but do not use them. I already have the sets that I am used to. Remember as well, if you believe them to be OP, nobody is forcing you to use them.

    Personally, I use my voters shears, but have yet to use any other item!
    As for the fishing rod, it has lure3 and luck of the sea 3, which if you read up on are 'counterproductive' to a degree.

    Do I love the items though? Of course!
  18. It's only counter productive if you're targetting Treasure
    The Voters fishing Rod was designed to be a fish catching rod, not a treasure rod. If you want to target treasure, need to use a normal rod.

    This was intentional to "Balance" the rod.
  19. When new voting boni would ever be added, I think they shouldn't be on day 300. Because then you'll get two on one day, and then nothing special for a long, long time after that. I think you should do it on 350 or 356, when there's nothing at 356 yet, that is.
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