Voters Armor Upgrade

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  1. I have gotten my Voters Armor recently, and i've noticed there isnt a upgrade from the leather armor like there is with the tools. It would be nice if there was a Chainmail or Iron voters armor at like 600 vote bonus or something like that. Keep all the enchants and soulbound, but make it stronger armor for high vote streaks.
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  2. I don't think this will be happening. It's hard to make soulbound and unbreakable armor not OP, and leather happens to be the perfect thing to use because it is useless.
  3. rip cows
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  4. Good point but is super easy to die in it making it kind of weak.
  5. Only upgrade I would like would be depth strider on voter's boots. I mean why not have it?
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  6. Thats a good point. Getting annoyed at Guardians bc i dont have Depth Strider
  7. It would be cool if the leather got upgraded to chain or gold at 500 + whatever vote # you get it at, and maybe add 1 to the enchantment level for tools at previously stated streak.
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  8. I don't like the idea of higher than Leather, Although i would like another leather with newer enchants.

    The suit already is very op as it is Unbreakable and Soul Bound...
  9. Useless, weak, etc...

    Ok boys and girls: time for a shell rant.

    Yes, voter armor is underpowered when compared to god armor. I know. I saw; when Aya (god armor addict ;) sorry! ;)) blasted some creepers and sliced up some super turkeys.

    But on the other hand it's also somewhat "overpowered" the way it is now. If you manage to survive while using nothing but voters gear; imagine how well you'll fare with god armor....

    In my opinion voters gear is a perfect tool to get better at the entire game. Example... I got an iron voters pick, I won't loose it when I die but I will lose my loot. So... I am extra careful when mining that last bit of coal and carefully look around to spot any creepers or other hostiles.

    Then I wear god armor and I just carry on as usual. That creeper which normally exploded near me (which I didn't feel anyway, thanks to my armor) now gets sliced up before it could do any damage.

    If you can kill creepers with your voters iron sword (at diff. 6) then you'll probably be unstoppable with a god sword...

    Now.. There are differences, major ones, between god gear & voters gear. I'm going to do a few posts on that, probably gonna send 'm in for the blog. In some cases voters get the obvious advantage, in others the god gear rules. But still... Just because it's weaker doesn't mean its worse per definition :)
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  10. I don't think we need more armor, but I do think we need more voters items in the higher bonuses. Now that more people are getting higher into bonuses, it's mostly useless to vote except for the vouchers every 20 bonuses.
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  11. I would like to see a voter's unbreakable, soulbound silk pick, even if its just iron.
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  12. Whatever staff decides, my vote is that it would be nice to have Some more one-time items for streaks over 300.
    Right now, after 300 you no longer get any more one-time items.

    This link will shows the list of one-time items for vote streaks...
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