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Which of these banners do you like the best?

aranho 32 vote(s) 15.3%
louiskw 22 vote(s) 10.5%
CousinMosquito 105 vote(s) 50.2%
wolves 50 vote(s) 23.9%
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  1. Hey Community! The staff has chosen it's favorite 4 banners for the normal sized portion of the banner contest and we need you to vote on the final winner who will also receive half of the rupee prize!

    Please choose one of the following banners as you favorite in the poll above!





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  2. They all look awesome! =]
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  3. Mine didn't get in again >.<

    I like them all though! :mad:
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  4. I love all of em, but I have to go with Cousin Mosquito. Although wolves' would match.
  5. All so good...
  6. CousinMosquito's. It is the smoothest and displays the most information.
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  7. Isn't the last one a bit of a lie?
    We aren't an economy server.
  8. The SMPs are shared on a few dedicated servers, right? We definitely dont have 10 server systems! And we somewhat recently hit 50,000 members.
    ^^^ Winner, in my book:p I love the multiple block types, and it has the useful information on it:)
  9. If you want the specifics, I believe we have ten servers hosted on five machines.
    Or at least I think it's like that.
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  10. Indeed. Also Aranho's says, Professional moderators. While they are excellent, we are not paying them, they are nots professionals.
  11. :(
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  12. Definition of professional: A professional is a person who is paid to undertake a specialized set of tasks and to complete them for a fee.
    You are doing this for free yes? It is my understanding you are not payed?
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  13. Your not professional; you're Da Bwoss! :D
  14. Well, they do get diamond membership for free? That could possibly make them technically professionals:p
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  15. I voted wolves because I want the banners to match.
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  16. True, I guess since they are being compensated through goods, this makes them professional in the sense of the definition. They are on par with professionals either way. I withdraw my statement.
  17. All of them are pretty cool :)
    I think matching banners wouldn't be a good idea, because they'd give the same info. Why not pick another with more/different info. I'm not saying I don't like wolves, it's awesome, but I don't think they should be identical.
    Random side note: Haha it said 0 views on the home page yet there was 3 comments. Just like youtube, lolz.
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  18. Damn'nagget mine didnt get in lol,
    I can see why i really like the ones that have been entered, some for there simplicity and easy going on the eyes, and others for the effects produced.
    Well done everyone :)
  19. Louiskw's looks nice and clean, however CousinMosquito's looks really smooth and tells newbs what the server is about...
    I choose the latter.
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