[VOTE] Empire Voteoff Contest - September 2013

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by AlexC__, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. Wow... if I win it, I can decide to keep it, or make a lot of rupees... tough decision... but I'll need to win it first! How many times have I said I really want one? I lost count. :p
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  2. Thanks for doing another one of these. Hey alex, seeing how on the last one and already on this one tons of people re-ask the question about voting on all of the sites or just one to keep your streak, maybe you should edit that into the OP :p
  3. Is wiki the same as wikia? :confused:
  4. I will absolutely go berserk if I got a Dragon egg. It's unlikely, but I don't care!
  5. What I mean is, is wiki part of wikia?
  6. No. "Wiki" is a general term and refers to the format - that is, a community-editable document and knowledge compendium. "Wikia" is just one such wiki. There's Wikipedia, UESP.net, and many others.

    On topic:
    -If a streak of 29 is epic, what would a streak of 120 be? :eek:
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  7. Oh good... because I remember Panda kept going to wikia to loo up Skylanders information and other things. And then it got a virus on our mom's laptop. Don't go to wikia! It's a virus site and will betray you! Thanks for telling me about wiki. :)
  8. Yay! another one of these! :)
    Also, alex, add in the OP that everyone who enters the 30th of the month raffle gets an added prize: 30k from voting :)
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  9. Sweet contest! :)
  10. Just saying, in 1.7 any item or block that's been renamed will show its name when looked at if it's displayed in an item frame.
  11. Can you request a personalized scheme for your res digging if you win this?
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  12. Yeah, that would be really good as if I won that, I'd like to keep the 2 top ground layers (64 and 63) on mine.
  13. The other thing is, do I wanna keep it, sell it, or use it? Ug... more decisions ahead if I win. A blessing and a curse, as you say. :mad:
  14. Are they original dragon eggs?
  15. No
  16. fine, i will envy it ;_;

    time to vote XD
  17. I paid for the it in full price, 60k, so that should be fine. :)
  18. I'll not be special anymore... I loved it when me and nick were the only voter's block owners.:(
  19. If I win, I'll put the diamond block in my shop's door :)
  20. Win or no win, I'll just vote! I want to hit over 100 days by the ends of this :D
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