[VOTE] Empire Voteoff Contest - September 2013

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  1. Contest over, thanks for taking part :D
    • Congratulations to Herbiethebeetle for winning the final round, Penfoldex, Kephras, Darthin, LadBlo, Damszy for winning the Voter's Blocks and NetherWorld666 for winning the Dragon Egg!
    • Congratulations to Equablehook624 for winning the 11-20th round.
    • Congratulations to Tiburok for winning the 1-10th round.
    We're back yet again with another voting contest and this time the prizes are even more epic; you could even win a dragon egg for everyone and their wolf to envy! The best bit is that you don't have to do anything except vote like normal to enter!

    How does it work?
    On the 10th, 20th, and 30th of September, anyone with a vote streak over 10 (so voted for every day in that period) is automatically entered into a raffle to win some great prizes (listed below)! Also, anyone who's extra epic and has a vote streak over 29 on the 30th September will automatically be entered to win a dragon egg!

    There can only be one winner per 10 days though, as this is a raffle, not a guaranteed prize, just be sure to vote.

    RULE CHANGE ON 11/09/2013: Please send proof of voting for the 10 days near the end of each round in the same PM with Jack and myself each time.This only applies to those having issues. If you lost your streak at any point however you have proof, and it wouldn't be enough to enter the draw for the egg, you may alert us and we will manually enter you in.

    How do I enter?
    Simply vote like normal using the links at vote.emc.gs. You only need to vote on one site to build your streak, however it doesn't hurt to go for them all! All votes are automatically tracked and your tickets are credited to you in the raffle! The higher your streak, the more tickets you have to be in the draw for the dragon egg! You do not need to send us proof of voting.

    On the 11th, 21st, and 30th of the month, the winners will be drawn using a random generator - when that's been done, we'll post the winner and you can collect your prizes from 4006 on SMP2.

    We measure everything using your vote streak on the 11th, 21st and 30th of the month though, so it's recommended that you vote one day extra than the contest period says.

    What are the prizes?
    September 1st - 10th
    Stable Voucher
    Ore Buster Limited Edition Pickaxe
    Labor Bench Limited Item

    Semptember 11th - 20th
    2013 Empire Firework
    Ore Buster Limited Edition Pickaxe
    Labor Bench Limited Item

    September 21st - 30th
    Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock - Remove all the dirt from your res for free!
    Labor Bench Limited Edition Item

    5 random voters
    One Voter's Block each

    September 1st - 30th - 30 Day Streak - Grand Prize
    One voter will win a dragon egg! The more you vote, the more entries you will have for the draw.

    Better get voting! If you have any questions feel feel free to ask JackBiggin or myself. :)
  2. Second, I'll definitely loose this simply because I suck at doing things ASAP

    Are proxies allowed? To vote multiple times with the same account for more entries?
  3. Interesting...
  4. Not all the links work...So does 1 vote auto enter us?
  5. do u have to vote on every website or does just voting on one everyday count?
  6. Ya, is just voting for one site enter us, or do we have to vote for all sites? I just want to at least try for the dragon egg.
  7. You just need the streak, so voting on one is fine although it doesn't hurt and we'd love it if you voted on them all.
  8. I'll try voting for them all, but I need to wait at least a few more hours. I just really want that dragon egg. To be an owner of a dragon egg is legendary, like Faithcaster! :)
  9. ok, i just wanted to check in case i dont have time and dont vote in time for all, my computer can lag
    does vote counter start today
  10. Officially it starts on the 1st American EST but now will do just fine. :)
  11. The voters block wat is it exactly?
  12. Okay! I voted for each site, except for the site that's down. I need that egg so very badly! :confused:
  13. Well, it looks like a special type of diamond block. I want that too! :D
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  14. I sure hope not, that sounds like heavy cheating for me.
  15. Yay! Time to try to vote everyday now....

    On a side note I dont understand the last of us VS gtaV in ur sig....
  16. I see commercials for the last of us everywhere.
  17. the first link isn't working for me :/