Voice Actors Needed!

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  1. Here's the new video for voice actors! Don't audition with these anymore please! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiggPAG7bog&feature=youtu.be
    So i've had the Idea to make an animated series on my Youtube channel and I need some Voice Actors in it! Basicly you'll need to say things in the right tone and in a good accent to star in an animation of mine. If you'd like to know what you'll be starring in, check out my art on my channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC27GdmWwE8mqIvLQmoIbIw

    Enough About that, Here's some requirements you must have to be entered:

    >> Must have a decent Microphone
    >> Must be available to talk to at most times
    >> Must have a skype, as that's how I'm going to get you to voice (Note that I probably won't be talking)
    >> Must have a good enough internet connection so your skype doesn't lag
    >> It's reccomended that you have a Youtube account
    >> Must speak in a clear voice
    >> Must be able to show good emotion in your lines and understand what emotions to use
    >> Age isn't a problem
    >> Email your entry if you don't want to post it on youtube to chewsy9@gmail.com (This is my extra email spam me all you want nub xD)

    To enter. You must upload a Youtube Video (preferably unlisted) with you saying all of the lines listed on the character you wish to voice.

    I will be adding more parts in the future, but for now these are it. Pictures of the characters will come soon, I'm working on it xD

    Here are parts available :

    Main Character - Good Fighter - Good Leader - Nice - Very Shy

    ``OH COME ON!''
    ``Ok what have you found now?'' (Annoyed voice)
    ``I-I don't know what to say, it's just. YES!''
    ``Get down from there pea brain!''

    Funny - a Girly Girl - Bad Survivor - Talks back alot - a Little Annoying

    ``What, no? I ain't got no food!''
    ``Shut up and help me out of this hole!''
    ``Oh yea, very funny guys!''
    ``I don't know your the leader, lead us!''
    ``Uhm guys there's a tiny spider but it's scaring me and it looks weird and ugly...''

    [TAKEN : Chewsy4] Bio:
    Weird - Crazy - Smart - Very Lazy

    Lines :
    ``Are we there yet it hurts too much for my brain to make my legs move right now''
    ``Excuse me I'm the smart one not you, your dumb now step aside!''
    ``What the heck did you do!''
    ``I thought we were supposed to follow the map and NOT FOLLOW THE CUTE LITTLE COW!''

    [TAKEN : SKUNKMAN2011] Bio :
    Cute - Annoying - Talks back alot - Scaredy Cat - Very pretty and everyone thinks he's awesome

    Lines :
    ``Ey I know you like me''
    ``AHH IT'S A- Wait, wait it's a pig...''
    ``Eww it's ugly''
    ``Let me lead your too tired''

    Smart - Second Leader - Blabber mouth - Good Leader

    ``Wat the coconut?''
    ``Cheezus rice what's your problem!''
    ``No it's worse then that, it's gonna get real hard to climb soon!''
    ``Guys, this place isn't safe!''

    Very Shy - Great fighter

    ``What's that thing?''
    ``Urgh, slime! Eww-''
    ``Well done, you've finally defeated an ant!''

    Good Luck! ^w^
  2. Can Jake sound like a New Yorker :3
  3. I don't care what accent it is as long as you can do the lines well XD
  4. I would like to try if my age is not an issue.(I am an old man :p) Also, I am not available to talk to at 'most' times, but some time every day. I haven't set skype up, but i'm sure I can.

    Instead of recording over skype, I could just record to a standard audio format and send it to you, but either way is fine I guess.

    Let me know if you are ok with my issues and if so I will record.
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  5. I'm fine. I don't care about age or how you can record to be honest. Like I said before, the most important is how the lines are said =)
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  6. Questions, what is Blabber mouth? Second, it dosen't matter the voice recording software?
  7. Blabber mouth is like you talk too much and no it doesn't matter what voice recording software you use
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  8. I can sound kinda like Micky mouse xD lol
  9. xDD
  10. Interesting! I wish I'd be a girl, then I could do Alesa :p
  11. xDD
  12. Now this is something I'm interested in!

    I've been doing voice acting for TV shows for about 4 and a half years now, so this is in my blood. However, I do need to know one thing before I start firing off some practice sessions: who are the characters and how should I voice them? I simply need to know whether I should do a deeper voice, a higher voice, a more nasal voice, etc.

    Otherwise, sounds wonderful! I'll be sending in my vid as soon as I get the chance. =)
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  13. I have no clue so you can do whatever you think suits the character your getting XD
  14. Do you already have concept drawings of the characters, or even bits of animation? That'll make him able to interpret how the voice and intonation should sound much better.
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  15. I would like to be the actor
  16. Not yet but i'll work on it lol
  17. Voice actor? sure just audition saying the lines from the character you want
  18. Thanks the only thing I can't do is Skype I'm not allowed to showy face to people I don't know could I email you a audio
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  19. If you are an old man, I don't think you would get accepted for any girl roles. :p

    I would participate, but I am not a fan of Skype.
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