Virgin Islands Pictures (Aikar, IcecreamCow, JustinGuy, Maxarias)

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  1. I can't tell the difference between Aikar, Justin, and ICC. I jus don't know who's who.
  2. Omxu8-1.jpg <== Justin Guy (apparently that's not his real name >.>)

    7eu70.jpg-1.jpg <== Jeremy AKA AsscreamCow

    6NKy2-1.jpg <== Daniel (Eyecar) - this was like the only picture that had his whole face on, so I couldn't pick the most awkward :(

    7eu70.jpg-2.jpg <== Mia (Max) if you somehow didn't guess...
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  3. You would pic the photo where it looks like Aikar is pulling the creepy face.
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  4. That photo isn't awkward enough for my liking though. I wonder if he'd mind flying back out to the Virgin Isles to get a worse one taken...
  5. You all look nice! Now, only if I had taken pictures when I was 9 when I went to the Virgins to visit my grandmother :/
  6. Yes, Mia is Maxarias.
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  7. What
  9. What a noob. Bumping such an old thread >.>
  10. I got this alert and I was like..

    Oh wow a noob must've bumped this 5 month old thread..

    After it it wasn't a noob, just a mod :p
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  11. Where are the Virgin Islands?
  12. South of Florida (I think).
  13. Oh my friend is in Florida right now (His EMC name is alexhuac)
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  15. You can see where I live from there!

    on the zoomed picture The big island is my home and the two small islands on the right.
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  16. there are seriously thousands of islands with small islands to the right.
  17. In the small picture, The BIGGEST island is my Home.. And the NEXT TWO closest to it are also part of it :p
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  18. I see you are all very good friends IRL. :)
  19. Just found this thread, don't know how I missed it at the time, hope you all had a great time.