Virgin Islands Pictures (Aikar, IcecreamCow, JustinGuy, Maxarias)

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  1. Awesome!!!
    You could upload them to imgur or something.

    EDIT: This happened when I clicked:
    This content is currently unavailable

    The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.
  2. There's like 100 of them and doing it to Facebook destroyed the internet here, lol.
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  3. Oh well.

    I see you guys had a good time there ;)
  4. Paradise! Next time invite everyone. JEEZ.
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  5. Whos who in the picures :confused: maybe do some tags?
    EDIT: Nvm :p
    wow aikar looks weird compared to what i would have thought
    Another EDIT: Is Mia Gray maxarias? or who..
  6. I now know what most mods look like :D
  7. *sees Jeremy on facebook*
    *clicks "add fricnd*
    *crosses fingers and waits*

    EDIT: Hahahaha jeremy accepted. my profile pic on here is the same as facebook so he prob. knew it was me lol
  8. well at least senior staff and admins :p.
    they kinda looks like what progammers look like im my head if that makes since :p
  9. Maxarias, Aikar, jeremy, Justin:
    Enjoy your stay at the Virgin Islands, see ya all soon on the Empire ;)
    Until then have fun!
  10. This seems fun. I hate you. Just kidding, but glad to see you have an IRL staff meeting.
  11. JustinGuy looks awesome in real life. He lives in a beautiful place. It was nice stalking all your facebook profiles. lol :p
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  12. lololol
  13. Yes Mia is Maxarias. Contrary to what a ton of people seem to think, Max is in fact female :)
  14. He explains it on the picture before.
  15. LOL I've known that forever. Just watch her web show things on I can't imagine anyone who still thinks she's a male.
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  16. I've actually had to tell people Max is female and engaged to Aikar. They were like "OMG REALLY!?" I guess they don't visit the forum often?