[Video] Computer Programming for all?!

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Are you able to write code or interested in it?

Yes. 36 vote(s) 92.3%
No. 1 vote(s) 2.6%
I don't know. 2 vote(s) 5.1%
  1. I love a little coding, even though i am terrible.
    My teacher showed us this: http://code.org/
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  3. asm for life, making CSP microcontroller dance as i told it to :D
  4. this was a really nice video, changed my smile.amazon.com charity to this :D
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  5. And I was thinking of coding my own website and plugins, awesome!!
  6. You have inspired me to start coding.
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  7. Trust me, its a great career to set yourself up for :) and the younger you start learning, the better off you will be.
  8. I know html , Scratch and, I am currently learning CSS. I really want to learn Java and JavaScript though.
  9. Im doing HTML right now :D
    Is this the official programming thread now?
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  10. I suggest everyone tries this: http://www.codecademy.com/
    Do you enjoy html? I suggest you learn CSS after html so that adding images and color will be easier and less of a pain in the butt.
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  11. I'm using code academy.
    But on the part where you actually try to "make the website" something is weird with step 3 I'll get a screenshot soon
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  12. I am at 45% complete on the html CSS module
  13. If you wish, that might be the case as long as this thread remains active.:cool:
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  14. My codecademy user is mariomash1VG
    For some reason my picture is upside down...
  15. Oh, on codecademy are you supposed to learn HTML and CSS before you build the professional website?
    Cuz I already started on the professional website...
  16. Computer programming is the career I'm interested in going into. I've been learning basic Java since August, and soon I'm going to start learning others types of code as well.
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  17. Let me just say... If I could go back in time and switch my focus to Java instead of PHP, I would in a heart beat...

    Java gets paid soooooo much more money (over 100,000$/year!) and so many more jobs...
  18. Well, if your going to build it from scratch yourself you kind of need to, but if your smart and jump in with a baseline template, kinda can skip ahead a little =P

    Good thing to learn for beginners to get a site up and get some PHP/js experience: WordPress.

    WordPress is used more for content sites than blogging these days... It's a great content system.

    Find a WordPress theme built on Bootstrap and start hacking away at it, learning how it works and tweaking it to your needs.
  19. I too plan on coding as a career. I want to focus on game making although I am seeing some other things that interest me in the coding area.
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