Veterans Day 2019

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  1. Thank you to all veterans, past and present.

    Please join Krysyy at 11:11 GMT time (6:11 EMC time) on November 11th for a special ceremony on the Games Staff Event residence. My hope is that whoever comes will do their best to follow the ideal of a real ceremony and extend their respect through silence.

    Remembrance Day Poppies are available at /promo veteran19 and will continue throughout the following week.
  2. Little to late for me to attend sadly. Hope it is nice for you guys that can take apart of this!

    (Dunno if the promo is bugged or something. But nothing in the inventory when you try and take it, maybe cause it was just released or something!)
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  3. Work internet messing up glitched it more likely. Logging in to fix.

    Edit: Fixed (and I hate my slow work internet)
  4. It is working now! :)
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  5. I was unable to make last year's event, I hope to be able to make this years! :)
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  6. Way to go veterans!
    Thank you for those who have served and are serving.
  7. To all who have served and fought for us and those currently fighting for us.

    Happy Veterans Day all.
  8. Thank you to all those who have served or are currently serving. Happy Veterans Day!
  9. and a Happy Remembrance day from your friends in Canada
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  10. Heres the full set
  11. thanks to everybody that came im very thankful for each and everyone of you to coming :)
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  12. This is always nice for us to be remembered and to remember those who came before us. I salute my brothers and sisters in arms. I served 25 years and 9 days myself. Take care all. :cool:
  13. In that case thank you for serving! I also thanked your brother and sister in arms for serving as well!
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  14. Thank you for serving!
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  15. I missed it, but this was super nice to see at the end of the day. I spent the day getting free food at a whole bunch of restaurants... lol. :D

    I am reaching three years of service in March. I can’t express how thankful I am for those who have sacrificed their lives for this country! Technically, EMC wouldn’t have existed, then. :)
  16. Unfortunately I was unable to attend this year. Thanks for remembering.

    . . . Fair winds and following seas.

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  17. Unfortunately I missed this event myself. I am so glad to see that Empire Minecraft honors veterans the way they do on a yearly basis. It shows good heart and good heart on all the people that participate in the events like this for the veterans and active duty military alike. I am a 13 year veteran from the Air Force back in the day. I now belong to several Facebook groups that are designed around veteran rehabilitation and general support.The average is 22 veterans a day take their own life and the support groups are there to try to help with this and prevent it if possible through the network of people in these groups. I am not going to name any groups but the fact that they are there and can even prevent one or more a day is a real good thing. I just wanted to bring some awareness to this subject now that I am involved in these groups to help others. Have a great day y'all.
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