Vacation 2016 (post your pics)

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  1. Dear Empire Minecraft,
    I pose this thread to you all, "where have you gone for vacation this year?" If you havn't gone anywhere, where do you plan to go? Post your pictures, tell funny stories about your trip. Share your experiences from your 2016 vacation.

    My family and I went to Ocean City Maryland this year. IT was very special because it was my foster sister's first time ever seeing the Atlantic ocean. It's such a blast. I still have a few more days here but I wanted to ask you all what your vacation was or is, and to share your pics.

    My foster sister and the Atlantic meet for the first time ever.

    Both my sisters and I on the Ocean City boardwalk.

    My sister and I at her first carnival ever. Walked all the way down to the pier and watched fireworks together. She was so excited and happy. #memoriesforlife

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  2. austria, I went to the mountens to cycle, as usuall :) and here is why:

    A little church

    and a castle, it took some time to come there btw, it is 2000 meter high, wich is 6561.67979 feet if you wonder :p (had to climb half of that, on my cube ltd race :p)

  3. Seems like you had a great time, SSRC and Jelle!
    I don't use a photo camera anymore and my phone takes pretty poor-looking photos, so I'm afraid I can't really show nice scenery pictures...
    I do have this picture of this cool-looking jellyfish, though.
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  4. I had a great time in Mexico with Anon here is the view that we experienced:

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  5. Wow, that looks so unreal!!
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  6. Sadly I have not go anywhere this year, as I was busy from school and now my job, and I work on every holiday, so cant travel far... and everywhere I go, is not much of a vacation as i have been there a billion times before haha..
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