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Good idea?

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  1. Earlier this week I registered an account called "PlayerShops." As of this moment, it is a standard user account with a residence on SMP1. I would like to provide an area for players to open up small shops that is extremely easy to remember. I think "PlayerShops" is extremely easy.

    Shoppers will be able to visit the residence and peruse items for sale from numerous sources, as opposed to teleporting all over town or asking "who has the best shop here?" Sellers will be able to have a small representation of their shops (on any server) here. My advice would be to select a few items that are your best sellers, and place them here - don't want to be too overwhelming, but you will also want to attract people to your real shop at the same time. Think of it as a "convention center." Build something to attract potential customers, hang signs listing some other items, add a teleport to your residence if you want.

    Of course, I have been on the Empire for almost 2 years so I understand the possible risks. I will do my best to ensure that it is a safe area. Also, I hope you can all trust me :p. Rules are below:

    Cost: FREE (For now...)

    Shopkeeper Rules: (If any of these are broken - you will be asked to leave, and any materials on your 'plot' will be returned to you.)
    - You may ONLY build on your 10x10 (there is 1 10x8) plot. You can build UP and you can build DOWN. DO NOT PLACE BLOCKS OVER SANDSTONE PATHWAYS. Please note - this rule does not include torches or ladders (or items that similarly do not impede another players movement.)
    - Update: While I am online, any player who is also online may have build. If I need to leave, I will have to take the perms away in order to protect other players valuables. Please do not ask me for "5 more minutes," as you would (I'm sure) prefer me to protect your valuables as well!
    - ONLY one player at a time will have build/chest/use combination of permissions.
    - Before each new builder joins, screenshots of other builders chests will be taken.
    - When your build is complete, you will receive an access sign on your chests for restocking. (If you need to change something on your build, let me know and if no one has build perms - you can get them back.)
    - The most important rule: Anything placed here is at your own risk. As mentioned, I will do my absolute best to ensure the security of all items and materials. However, as even Facebook mentions in their disclaimer - no security is infallible.

    - This is absolutely not EMC sanctioned. I am doing this personally. Please remember that while EMC is a passion - it is not my full time job.
    - I reserve the right to ask anyone to leave, at any time, in accordance with all EMC regulations.
    - These rules may change at any moment. I will alert any shopkeepers to any changes.

    Common Courtesy:
    - Be nice.
    - No arguing.
    - Respect other shopkeepers and shoppers.
    - No arguing!
    - Be patient.
    - Be nice.
    - Respect others.
    - Be patient.

    If you would like a plot here, PM ME, and I will let you know when you will be able to build.

    If this goes well, I will upgrade the account to diamond and add other servers. If it doesn't go well... well, you know.

    Upcoming Shopkeeper List
    Current build perms: jknrlz, deathconn, ultimategamer107, louiskenx, thespypie, canuckshockey, lamingpotato42, astrayalien, jay2a, chickeneer, nick_godoy, dwight_5273, joshmcf, elysphic, netherspecter, xothis_dwarf, spidey329, Pab10S, TheMinner333, Netherworld666, Jake_Bagby, dragonflame356, Dragonhalk32

    List2: luckypat, SuperVal_Junior, JZH1000, Lukas3226, oidgod, ninjaboy5656, Rainier6, brenrgerm, runningrhino, jtc0999, wildman1572, maxthegreat2, jacy4321, skrillexrocks500, lolbot720, minecraftMDR, Dfizzle64, jkrmnj (40 total)


    If I am online, anyone may build who happens to be online at the same time. As teleports will change, your plot location will not matter!
  2. I made the first shop there. It is a great idea and I hope you all like it too.
  3. i would like one
  4. I would like to make a potion shop there

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  6. ooooo I want a small plot, are there only certain items we can sell or can we sell anything?
  7. Sell whatever you like. So long as it doesn't break any of the above rules. Basically, be courteous :D
  8. I would like a plot. No hurry.
  9. may i have a plot?
  10. PM me guys, so I can keep track.
  11. Making an update to the rules due to the majority of players who want plots.

    While I am online, there will be more than 1 player with permissions. However, this will only happen while I am online. If I need to leave, permissions will be removed - except for the individual who has perms at the moment.

    However, please do not ask for "5 more minutes" if I have to go!
  12. I would like to have a little place for my shop, contact me if i can ;)
  13. I think this is very nice of you to spend your real life money and put lots of effort for other players' conviniency. Are you in need of donations now? :)
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  14. Nope. Not much to be done at the moment....
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  15. Never seen anyone turn down a donation before, dunno what to say lol
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  16. Order updated. 6 plots on the first level left.

    I mention first level, as there may be more added - if necessary :p
  17. Can i have one?
  18. ik i sent him one after i saw it lol :p
  19. Potato is added to the list. 5 more plots available.

    While waiting, it would be a great time to stock up on items!
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