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  1. Version 0.5.26 released! Changes include:
    • Item name/icon fixes.
    • Due to an incorrect item name mapping, EMC Shopkeeper has been treating all transactions for "Grass" items as if they were "Grass Block" items. This has been happening since EMC's 1.13/1.14/1.15 update (I think). The issue will be corrected for all downloaded transactions going forward, but unfortunately there is no way to correct this issue for transactions that have already been ingested into EMC Shopkeeper's database.
    Download it now!
  2. im having errors about the grass blocks meaning its not allowing me to start up the notifcation
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  3. same!

    when i try to launch it, it says this.

    and then when i click ok this error pops up:

    i have clicked send error report, too
  4. Same error.
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Multiple entries with same key: Grass Block=jar:file:/home/emma/Downloads/emc-shopkeeper-full.jar!/emcshop/gui/images/items/grass_block.png and Grass Block=jar:file:/home/emma/Downloads/emc-shopkeeper-full.jar!/emcshop/gui/images/items/grass_block.png
        at emcshop.gui.ItemSuggestField.init(
        at emcshop.EMCShopkeeper.launchGui(
        at emcshop.EMCShopkeeper.main(
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  5. Thanks all and sorry for the error.

    Did this error just start appearing now for you? Have you had any problems running EMC Shopkeeper since the last update was released on Jan 23?
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  6. This was the 1st time trying to run it on the latest version

    It updated and backed up the database fine i think
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  7. Ok, I think it should be fixed now. Let me know if it works?

    Version 0.5.27 released! Changes include:
    • Fixed an error that prevented EMC Shopkeeper from starting up.
    Download it now!
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  8. Works for me :)
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