US Presidential Elections Thread 2016 (Dems and GOP)

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Why did I totally trash this opportunity to ask something important and inciteful?

For the lols. 7 vote(s) 26.9%
To let users focus on posts (get back to posting!) 2 vote(s) 7.7%
Peps has no idea what he is doing. 5 vote(s) 19.2%
I like ice cream. 12 vote(s) 46.2%
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  1. I had this idea today. It was to make a spot on EMC forums about the US presidential campaigns. I know we all love and hate certain people with great passions.

    Can we come together, set our passions aside, see how the other half lives, and have a good emc friendly debate in hopes we all become better people? I don't want to see staff yell at anyone, so think a lot before you post. If you're thinking a long time it's probably a sign to delete it (think about the children on here!!!!).

    I feel like people talking to each other in a civil way just helps us stay free. Staff of course are welcome to join if they wish, if aikar lets them (if they don't kill this thread as soon as they see it). This is also a great learning opportunity for our younger members and ex-US members about US politics. Maybe our US members can get foreign perspectives here. I'm sure we can all learn something if we STAY CIVIL. Freedom and learning are great things and that's my motivation for doing this. Maybe we can all learn and be freeer (lol I butchered that word).

    Where should we start? Bernie? Ted? Hillary? Donald? Anyone got something on their mind? How about those debates? Anything?

    I will now release my idea onto EMC! Let freedom ring! I want to see posts all the way to November :).
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  2. And as soon as I posted this I see a Ben Carson ad. lol
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  3. As an outsider, I'd like to see Michael Bloomberg run for President.
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  4. If my tired brain remembers correctly, I think Bloomberg was running if certain conditions happened?
  5. From what sources have told the media, he'll only run if Hilary Clinton doesn't get the Democratic nomination.
  6. Sweet. I relearned something :).
  7. If Bloomberg wins, I won't be able to get a big gulp. -1 :p
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    On a more serious note, as much as I'd love to discuss this topic, I'll keep my opinions to myself as I tend to go a bit overboard :p
  9. You yelled at me :( lol
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  10. Whatever your stance is, it's wrong. :p

    Also, #FeelTheBern
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  11. I learned a new hashtag. That's funny.

    So I guess to get things rolling, last nights gop debate can be a subject. Who won, who lost, why?
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  12. Trump lost because he didn't show up :p
  13. None. Trump is terrible and is better off not running. I don't want to get deported, and I want to be able to return to the US after seeing my family overseas. He reminds me so much of Hitler. Hillary Clinton shouldn't win. I just don't like her. She's only running because of her husband. Bernie Sanders is old and he doesn't look like he can handle stress, just saying. I'll take O'Malley, I guess. I'd rather just keep Obama for another four years.
  14. I don't like Trump, and I don't think he would win the general election. He is not a true conservative. A few years ago he was supporting democrats and saying how much he loved Hillary. And the things he says are like a liberal imitation of what they think conservatives are. Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio are the best choices by far. After Obama, our country can't handle Bernie's plan for 90% taxation, or a person that hides her emails illegally and lies about terrorists attacks.
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  15. Trump isn't anything. He's just a narcissistic (word I shouldn't say). He is, quite frankly, America's Hitler waiting to be elected.
  16. I'm personally a huge supporter of Rand Paul, although he stands practically no chance of winning. I'm hoping that Ted Cruz will win the GOP rather than Rubio... Everything Rubio says seems too scripted, and he has changed his position on too many different things for me to believe what he says is genuine.
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  17. There's a difference between Hitler and Trump. You can see how people could respect Hitler and follow what he said. He was brilliant at public speaking, he played on his country's economic and domestic situation (which happened as a direct result of the Great War), and he was an expert in the field of propaganda.

    Trump is absolutely shite at public speaking (just Googling his name tells you how), he attempts to play on the public's fear of terrorism (aka the whole point of terrorist acts) and he's already revealed he's too interested in foreign policy (which has earned him the scorn of dozens of different countries) which is more likely to increase threat to the US, and from what I can tell he doesn't have much in the way of a giant propaganda machine.

    I, as an outsider and a loather of US foreign policy (in its current form) and the US-UK's 'special relationship' - as well as a Socialist, would like to see Bernie Sanders take up office. I doubt most people in the United States would ever want a Socialist (Socialist, not 'Tony Blair/New Labour Fake Socialist' that was born in the UK in the mid 90s and spread throughout Europe in the early 2000s and as of 2015 was officially declared dead) in the White House, though - after all, from what I can tell, Americans are taught the first step towards Communism is Socialism (which it isn't). A boy can dream.
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  18. My sig. should say it all. I like to consider myself a moderate-deomcrat. It's pretty clear that even if trump wins the GOP nomination he can't win the general election. Currently I like Bernie, but if the actual election came down to Hillary and someone besides trump I would vote GOP. I think a lot of people just feel they can't trust Hillary.
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  19. All of your big Republican candidates are on a Trump-level of idiocy, though. Besides that one guy who I like but has a name I can't remember even if my life depended on it. I'd take Hillary over them - at least if she became President some of Bernie's promises would be incorporated into hers.
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