URGENT: Windows Users - Update ASAP! MS14-066 WinShock

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  1. To all Windows Users,
    Please open up your Windows Update and install all current updates ASAP. A very serious bug has been found that affects ALL versions of Windows, it is 19 years old.

    Bug MS14-066 - WinShock - More Details

    This bug can allow an attacker to essentially install a virus on to your PC without you even downloading anything or even visiting a website.

    If the conditions were right, you could be attacked just by having your PC on while connected to the internet (That's an extreme case, but point being is to show you how bad the bug is).

    While there is no known attacks using it YET, you can bet now that its been made public, virus makers are working non stop to figure out how to do it so they can infect people who do not update.

    If you use Mac OSX or Linux, you are unaffected.
    If you use an older Windows that no longer receives updates, it is strongly encouraged you install a newer version of Windows.

    If you can not upgrade Windows due to cost or your PC is too slow for it, it is encouraged you install Ubuntu instead.
    (Note: Ubuntu is a complete alternative to Windows, and is VERY different for using your PC. It is not the most user friendly for non technical people, but it CAN be used with enough patience and willingness to learn more about computers. IT DOES NOT RUN WINDOWS APPLICATIONS - but many alternative applications built for Linux will work instead.)

    Please take the time to install the updates even if it means interrupting your time using the computer, it's a pretty important update!

    Please spread the word to all of your friends and family.
  2. thanks!

  3. Will do i saw the update will force update for me tomorrow guess ill get a head start on it:)
    also what friends XD
  4. Translation: Microsoft was losing market share and needs more sales on newer versions. Thanks from the shareholders.
  5. 3rd thanks
  6. Thanks Aikar, as usual, taking care of people. :)
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  7. How long ago was the update? - cause dad and I both received automatic updates yesterday
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  8. The bug is 19 years old and I haven't heard about it until just now.
  9. Received a big automatic update last night. I have no new updates right now, I might have already done it?

  10. Same.
  11. the update came out on 11/11, so you guys are fine.
  12. I had an update i did today but it was not very big and took less than 2 minutes
    lol i think i have windows defender disabled i will have to remember how to reable it
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  14. I believe the update is only for windows 8 though it maybe given to 7 too because a lot of people still use it i havent read the details
  15. Aaaand updated :D
    That update was... intense lol
    Took forever
  16. Yeah mac users =P
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  17. Am I the only who hasn't received an update? :p (Checking for one turns up naught, btw)
  18. Tuesday was what they call "Patch Tuesday", they released the update then.

    it wasn't public until yesterday.
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