[Update] EMC Rule Book

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  1. Check out our (new) EMC Rule Book page at:

    We decided that the Rules page was looking a little bland. Thanks to the awesome background work of AlexC__ on the New Player Guide, we had what we needed to snazz it up a bit. We've also re-organized the numbers again and changed some minor wording, gearing this all to assist as reference in the new tutorial.

    The rule numbers with the in-game rule command will be updated once I can bug Aikar/chickeneer enough.
  2. Very snazzy, great work Alex :)
  3. This one was all Krysyy, besides the background stuff from the NPG :)
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  4. Looks great, good job :D
  5. This is one of those times where it would be great if there were more than just Aikar and chickeneer on the Dev team so you wouldn't have to bug them. ;)

    In-game rules list will be updated on next code push.
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  6. Great! :)
  7. Need proof-read info though. It is due for more than just number change, something I've spoke with chicken about in past. Thats why I only said them two and not all devs. I am aware you exist. Send to slack for info.
  8. Maybe i can assist you in bugging Aikar/Chickeneer! >: P
  9. My bad, I misread the post!

    Awesome job Krysyy ^_^
  10. 제국마인크래프트 만세!
    새로운 규칙이 새 플레이어 에게 분명하기를 빕니다!
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  11. i love the new page. the you have ugly glasses guy is a jerk. i wear glasses lol
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