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  1. Hey all! Today, Mojang has released the first 1.20 pre-release. Based on recent history, this means that we are just under 3 weeks away from the full 1.20 release. It will probably release about May 30th by my estimates.

    Keep reading for information about Empires and Mojang's account Migration.

    BEFORE we update to 1.20 though, first will be the Empires update. See this thread where I explain a bunch of the commands and features which will come out in this update. https://empireminecraft.com/threads/information-about-upcoming-empires-update.86972/
    That update is nearly ready, but I have needed time to put the finishing touches and coordinate with Aikar for a rollout for that update. I will announce dates when we know them.

    After the Empires update, we can then look at releasing the 1.20 update to EMC. The normal wait for stability and upstreams to update their code will still be necessary. The plan is to reset the Wastelands with the 1.20 update. At that time, I also intend to announce a new waste reset schedule that isn't strictly dependent on Mojang's release cycle. This update took longer than we predicted from Mojang so I do not wish to tie something like a waste reset to it.

    Additionally, I read on Minecraft's website that they are going to be ending the Mojang to Microsoft account Migration later this year. https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/account-migration-last-call
    September 19th, 2023: So if you know someone that hasn't migrated their account - tell them to do it!

    Otherwise, on a personal level. My school year is ending this week! I have lots of things planned for the end of the May including promotions for staff/community teams, policy updates, and the code updates mentioned above. I have some plans for code updates later in the summer, but I want to get through this first. Thanks all! ❤️
  2. woo very exciting!

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  3. 👀
  4. Excellent work as always! Can't wait for the empires update.
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  5. Very exciting news :) !!!
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  6. Anyone have any tips on how to recover an account when I don't remember the email used? I've already thought of the account as lost forever, but with the migration news I figured I'd ask and throw one last attempt at it.
  7. Just wondering did you also register that account on EMC? Perhaps using the same email address?
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  8. Probably did yes
  9. Then maybe ask if SS can assist you in remembering. pmss.emc.gs
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  10. Thank you Chickeneer for plowing thru the update! kids love emc and appreciate the work!
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  11. Mojang has announced that the 1.20 Trails & Tales Update is releasing June 7th. So my prediction was off a week. Ope.

    Anyway. As my status indicates - the Empires update is essentially ready to go. Due to scheduling reasons, it will not happen before Monday (for those that were hoping for a release this weekend). No official day/time has been set yet. To reiterate, the waste will not reset until the 1.20 update - NOT with Empires.
  12. cant wait i hope monday becouse im free then
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